KFC Cheese Top Burger makes it to one of my top ordinary burgers

I received a package at home yesterday. Beautifully wrapped with an inviting smell around the box. and to my surprise, Inside are two burgers. The most buzzed around Cheese Top Burger  has landed at my home and I was ready to take a good bite at it. 

Just by looking at it unwrapped, it surely is not your ordinary burger. Instead of putting a slice of cheese in it, it was baked into the bread. (Now why didn't I think of that?)
Upon examining the bun, looking all cheesy gold, I just couldn't wait to lick on it but I stopped my self from doing so.
With the original recipe chicken and a bit of garlic Parmesan dressing spread on the original recipe chicken of KFC, you might say that its simple but you might be in for a surprise.

Taking on the first bite, I can say that it is tastier and cheesier (I dunno, maybe it's just me or just this burger). The taste of cheese floats in your mouth, and it just enhances the flavor of the whole burger. The taste of the cheese bun doesn't get lost as you take a bit and bit and bite on it. 

The Cheese Top Burger is so affordable that is only comes with a Php 50 price on it and a drink with it. This one-of-a-kind burger is available in all KFC stores nationwide. 

Verdict? I like it... I can see my self ordering two of this, piling them up as a double even triple patty burger. Oh yes.. I will do it. Just you wait. :) This is an ordinary burger with a twist! 

So why don't you try it yourself and be the judge. Share your experience below and let us know what you think of this burger.

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