The Amazing Spider-Man: Movie Review

Let me just get this out of me. The first time I heared that there was going to be another Spiderman, i was excited. Finding out that it will be played by Andrew Garfield made me anticipate the movie more. And when I found out that Emma Stone will play Gwen Stacey, I was set. Personally, I was willing to shell out a couple of bucks to watch this 

So, a Spiderman reboot.... Ten years after the first Spiderman and 5 years after the last one, are we really read to have another one? Although it is quite evident that are a lot of similarities on the first and this one. I personally find it a little darker than the 1st spiderman movie and a less of the caricature Peter Parker / Spider-Man was.

I find the movie good just because it is, scratch that, this movie is way damn better than the first. In the movie, I didn't mind when Peter Parker was out of the suit but I find his out-of-the-suit presence in the movie made a difference also and made more sense. I do feel more attached to this new version of Peter Parker. It had more depth and more history behind him that makes his character appealing and explains why his version of Spiderman was better than the first.

His onscreen love interest played by Emma Stone was just amazing and really worth of Peter Parker. Okay, Mary Jane was hot but I am loving Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy just because it had more chemistry. She's not trying to be Mary Jane, and if you are asking me to chose between Mary Jane and Gwen Stacey right now, I'd chose Gwen Stacy :)

The Lizard / Dr. Curt Connors played by Rhys Ifans. Connors was the research partner of Perter's dad who just vanished. Then Connors screws up an experiment with Peter's formula. Connors has then become this rampaging reptile a goal to spread the reptile-like formula virus across the city.

Mark Webbs, "The Amazing Spider-Man" was a great movie. The CGI was just outstanding. The production and action scenes had some kick in it that somehow made me jump in more than one of the scenes in the movie.

For some Spiderman hardcore fans out there, I say you give this one a shot and this is as good as the reboot could be. Pacing and direction was great I couldn't complain. Except for the 3D I guess. It was good but that wasn't what I was expecting in this Spiderman 2.0 movie. I guess if you are planning to make a 3D movie and go through all that trouble, I say go all out and make a damn 3D movie.

If you are hoping that movie will use the "With great power comes great responsibility", well, Let me tell you now. You won't. But if you are quick enough or if you are paying attention, listen to voicemail of Uncle Ben in the movie. :)

This movie I think is somehow restraining itself in preparation for the second franchise. I can't imagine anyone walking out of this movie without asking for a sequel. It is going to be difficult because of the shadow of the old "SpiderMan 2". It can't helped but to be compared. But with Mark Webb and Andrew Garfiled, I say everything is going to be ok. I would also recommend that you stay towards the end of credit. 

I rate the movie 4.5 of 5.

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