My posterized movie invites! :)


I would like to thank the people who made this possible. Yes, movie invites framed! oh yeah! :) 

To all the movie companies, thank you!
Warner Bros Pictures
Walt Disney Pictures
Paramount Pictures
Columbia Pictures
Universal Pictures
United International Pictures
Sony Pictures Animation
DreamWorks Animation 

To my movie blogger friends, more movies to come!
Jeman Villanueva
Ruth Floresca
Rod Magaru
Ferds Bondoy
Azrael Coladilla 
Juan Manila
Rai Lacoste
Chinky Madrona
Cathy Copaway

To the Bosses, thank you for trusting....
Ma'am Sionee
Sir Jay
Sir Romy
Ms. Sundy
Ms. Mae

I hope we can share more movies together. More power!

If I missed anyone, sorry. Don't worry this will be updated. Again, thanks to all who made every movie worth remembering. :)

Do check out my movie page right here.  :)

This is Mix signing out!
Twitter: mykesoon
Fan page: mixofeverything

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