My Nike Warehouse Sale experience.


So I got news of this Nike Warehouse Sale through an office mate, (thanks Raul!) and there I was, a few days after at the place. But before that, I did google about it and found information that I posted here. After heading there, posted a teaser of the things that I bought the other night. Anyways, on to the experience.

Arrived there a little past 2 in the afternoon at the Agility Center in Paranaque and we didn't have a hard time finding the place. We just asked for the Nike warehouse sale and then after a few steps and we were there.

The place wasn't air-conditioned, but it did have some air coolers and by the looks of it, it looks like the place used to be full and what I saw looked like remains and broken sizes. But I heard that it was restocked the day before we went there. Check out the crazy place. :)

The shoes area

The apparel side. This is longer than it looks. They had some shirts, mostly large and extra large. (Broken sizes). This is because these are the remains of some hoarders and those who visited the place on the first few days. They had some jackets/training jackets, shirts, sando, a few bags, wrist bands, shorts, jerseys and many more. The male and female were mixed up together.

Fitting area was in the middle near the shoes.

And they also have a price check are near the apparel. The Nike items didn't have discounted price tag in them.
Fitted this Nike Dunk
Fitted this City Court Tennis Shoes
Saw some really nice shoes a couple of Kobe's and Le Bron's, but I wasn't really that interested. But there were a lot of people still hoarding and fitting them. Me I never fitted them. I just didn't get the idea of me having the same shoe with everyone else.

Below are some designs for women. What's good about them is that they are cheaper than men's and the have better designs too!

I didn't stay much on the apparel side, I did focus on the shoes. I even did a stalk mode on this guy who was carrying with him the white tennis shoes. The moment he let go of it, SNATCHED!!! :) Hehe It was the last of it and the size was perfect.

First 3 pairs that I was choosing from...First I was planning to buy only one or two. I really did like the black one.. But I had to let go of it.

So here was my final list of shoes that I bought. In my defense, I really wanted to buy only two of it.. and planned to let go of the tennis shoe, but this was the one I stalked on and it was cheap.. I also needed one for a bit of jogging so I guess this one is ok. :)

Nike Dunk Low (White/brown)                         - I bought for P 2,000.00
Nike Cradle Rock Low (Black, Purple & Pink)   - I bought for P 2,150.00
Nike City Court VI (White) - Tennis shoes)    - I bought for P 1,450.00
                                                                      Total damage: P 5,600.00

Not bad eh? :) It's like purchasing one Nike shoes, but for that amount I got three. :) I say that was a pretty good deal. Pretty happy with my purchase... But! I won't be once the credit card bill is in. (Yes they accept credit cards)

People at the Agility Center they have that once a year. But my office mate say that they have that 3 times a year. So I look forward to that. Word is another one after enrollment and another before Christmas.

Will have better pictures of the shoes that I bought and my reason for buying it on my next post  :)

This is Mix signing out!
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