Tips for Lent by Jollibee

Below are some tips on how to spend your time this Lenten Season

While the sweltering months signal a wide range of fun activities to do this summer, its first few weeks also entail some moments of reflection and   sacrifice in observance of Lent. Before you soak up in the sun and head to that beach getaway, why not try these alternative yet fun activities to make the most out of the long Holy Week break?  

  • - Combine road trip with pilgrimage. Join an organized Visita Iglesia tour and meet new friends as you also marvel on the different churches you’ll visit. If budget permits, why not plan your own Visita Iglesia tour and head on to churches outside your vicinity?

  • - The tranquility of the Holy Week should also make for an ideal time to catch up on your growing list of must-reads and piles of unread paperbacks. Stay at home and curl up in your hammock, while perusing the pages of that novel you have long been intending to read. Better yet, try to browse through the Bible and reflect on its verses.

  • As one of the longest holidays in the country, the Holy Week is a perfect time to bond with your family at home. Temporarily let go of the gadgets and take a break from Facebook or Twitter and have quality conversation with your parents and siblings.

  • While the season demands some restraints such as abstaining from meat, avoiding meat should not mean having a bland diet. Go meatless the easy way as Jollibee brings back its delicious Tuna Pie this Lent. Its generous filling of chunky tuna flakes enveloped in a golden crisp crust lets you have a satisfying snack any day of the Lent for only P33 and P45 if you want it with regular drinks.

Being good this Lenten season should not be so difficult at all with these enjoyable activities. Eat good, be good this Holy Week. 

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