Cool & Clean Summer at the C2 Summer Stations


C2 looks forward to another great summer as it once again makes holiday hotspots come even more alive through its C2 Sarap ng Summer Stations which will feature cool and clean activities that offer vacationers a chance to rejuvenate both mind and body. This will happen from March 30 to April 15 at Villa de Oro, Boracay; Burnham Park and Minesview Park, Baguio; Mindorinne Oriental Hotel, Puerto Galera; and on April 2-8 at Summit Ridge, Tagaytay.

Make your summer barkada outing more fun
and refreshing with C2 1.5 litro!
C2 fans who visit the Stations can participate in fun Poi classes, a popular and attractive summer activity that improves one’s strength and flexibility. Those looking to just chill out are welcome to hang out at the open lounge areas so they can rest while still enjoy the summer season outdoors. Even vacationers who want to fully relax can do so by getting a free massage that can be availed for a minimum purchase of C2.

Of course, the Sarap ng Summer experience won’t be complete without cool summer must-haves. Customers can either join the pick-a-prize promo at the Facebook stations or buy C2 products to redeem exciting premium merchandise. Neoprene bottle holders, swim rings, earphones, frisbees, and poi sets are just some of the items up for grabs in all Stations.

Bottling up the goodness. C2 shall continue keeping everyone cool and clean during the hot summer season, especially with its recently launched flavors: C2 Pandan which is infused with the fresh and unique essence of Pandan, and C2 Milky Tea which offers a creamier blend of their favorite tea. C2 Envidia also remains to be the perfect drink for those who want to have that enviable summer body, as its 100% pure L-Carnitine and EGCG (Epigallocatechingallate) content help burn fat faster. It’s about time that everyone injects a fresh spin to how they usually spend their summer break. Come and visit the C2 Stations in the country’s top summer destinations to keep yourselves cool and clean this summer season!

Watch out for C2 Sarap ng Summer stations in your favorite vacation hotspots,
and get a chance to win C2 premium merchandise!


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