DVD GIVEAWAY!!! The Phantom of the Opera & Love Never Dies


You guys know the drill!!! It's simple! Again, mixofeverything together with Magnavision Home Video is giving away AWESOME DVDs of ANDREW LLYOD WEBBER. 

The mechanics are so easy!

1. Simply post the sentence below on your Facebook and / or your Twitter account.
I WANT TO WIN!!!! The Phantom of the Opera & Love Never Dies DVD from @mykesoon and @MagnavisionHome http://t.co/ONgKUaoF 

On your every status post, make sure to COPY the link post and paste it on the comments section below.  See first comment, and leave your email.

2. On Facebook post, make sure to tag Magnavision Home Video and mixofeverything on your entry. For Twitter post, make sure to tag @MagnavisionHome  & @mykesoon  mixofeverything.blogspot.com. 
3. One entry per person. Multiple entries will disqualify you from the raffle.
4. Deadline of entries is on April 10, at 11PM and 4 winners will be drawn electronically.
5. Winners would have to pickup their prize. 
6. Prizes not claimed within 20days from the announcement of winners shall automatically be forfeited.
*Entries should leave their complete name and their email address.
**Winners are to present a valid ID upon claiming the prize.

Its not so hard for you to win an awesome DVD right? :) Make sure to like Magnavision Home Video on Facebook and stay updated on the most latest awesome DVD releases! :)

Thank you MagnaVision!!!
Feel free to share on Facebook and on Twitter. @mykesoon and @MagnavisionHome

This is Mix signing out!
Twitter: mykesoon
Fan page: mixofeverything 

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