Well, we all have been stressed of our everyday and have been longing for a change or a bump on our daily routine and there is nothing more that we'd want than to kick off those shoes, lay down lazy, sit back and relax. Maybe a couple of beer would take it to the next level. But what would really take you there? Let me tell you.

I've attended an event recently hosted by SKYcable HD last February 6 at Dillingers Greenbelt 3. What is the event you ask? well, they hosted the NFL Super Bowl viewing party. SKYcable HD gave guests front row seats to the Super Bowl and of course the most anticipated half-time show saving you the trouble of travelling all the way to Indianapolis :).

I along with other guests were certainly in for a treat. Not only do I get to see some great foot ball history in the making but also the extravagant Madonna half-time show. Upon watching, she collaborated with Cirque du Soleil, Nikki Minaj, CeeLo and many others! all in full high-definition. All was in entertainment bliss having witness some great action and breathtaking performances. Watching is there at that moment was like I was in the middle of the action. Upon realizing, yeah, only SKYcable HD can do that.

Only SKYcable HD can give you picture so real and so lifelike, it's like you're at the stadium amidst the roar of the crowd but in the comforts of your own home - simply cutting edge entertainment like no other.

SKYcable HD is a value-added service offered by SKYcable and can be topped-up to the SKYcable postpaid packages like SKYcable Platinum, SKYcable, SKYcable Silver, SKYcable 499, SKYcable 399 and SKYcable 280 to enjoy High Definition TV viewing.

To know more about SKYcable HD, log on to, call SKY's 24-hour customer service hotline 381-0000, text 0917-631000 and 0918-863-1000, and sign up for a 15-day FREE trial. SKYcable HD. More detail. More action.

This is you entertainment high-def'd Mix signing out!
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