678 Commercial Center Biggest in Cavite is now OPEN!


People of the South! Caviteños' Imuseños and residents nearby, may I have your attention please...
There is a newly opened shopping-market facility in Bacoor, Cavite. It is called the 678 Commercial Center and it is the largest community center in Cavite! This is definitely something different which boasts with great convenience, and offers new and exciting shopping experience.

It will be the largest of its kind in Cavite, which will have the wet and dry sections offering a wide variety of products. Its wet section makes sure that it offers fresh meat, fish and vegetables which are harvested from farms in Cavite and Laguna. The dry section offers  favorite Cavite products such as Salinas smoked fish, pork sausages and fresh eggs.

Since its formal opening last Sunday, February 26 the wet and dry sections have been drawing business entrepreneurs, businessmen even housewives to put up their own businesses, I couldn't argue that 678 Commercial Center certainly offering job and business opportunities to the people nearby.
With over 500 stores in the complex, definitely you would get a wide range of services and products to choose from such as Apparel, food and general merchandise. The complex also showcases its commitment to support the municipal government "Clean & Green" drive and the No-Plastic campaign which is a program that uses paper bags and bio-degradable materials.
678 Commercial Center consists of 3 major clusters. Food Terminal which will offer great paluto, dampa style. Wet & Dry Market which will offer fresh products and Terminal Express which would be a transportation hub for commuters. 678 Commercial Center, is located on Molino Boulevard, Bacoor, Cavite’s gateway town.

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Check out more photos below.

The place and registration area

The choir and the mass area

 The street performers. Statue mime and Stilt walkers

Ms. Cavite Global 2009 and DJ Bob

There were also some exhibitions from the Lion & Dragon group plus the drum beaters.

Interactive fun and games to the customers that day.

The day was also filled with high caliber performers.
Loverine rendering great songs and some popular Whitney classics.

Neyo (regular at TV5's Lokomoko) with the Click Band,

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