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"We Bough a Zoo" is based on a true story and paired with the awesome writer/director Cameron Crown who brought you "Almost Famous" and "Jerry Maguire"

The story focuses on Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon) a husband, recently losing his wife. Grieving with his son Dylan (Colin Ford) and daughter Rose (Maggie Elizabeth Jones), they all deal with their own problems and memories of their family member. All trying to cope and trying to live a normal life, Benjamin Mee trying to find a new home, ended up buying a home or should I say a zoo with 200 animals, and with that, comes the staff of the zoo.

Along with the zoo are each of their own characters as zookeepers, one that stands out for me is Kelly Foster (Scarlet Johansson) who is this feisty zoo keeper who really loves the animals. Together they all rush give all out to help and work in time to re-open  the zoo. But managing a zoo isn't easy, Benjamin gives everything this the zoo to make it work, and it just can't be helped that with them running out of money, the continuous father & son issue, and some problems also in the zoo. Young love is also seen as Kelly's younger niece (Elle Fanning, "Super 8") gets closer Benjamin's son Dylan.

Matt Damon delivers a good and memorable character playing a father. The character was sympathetic and is so natural as can be. What's good about this is that the character he portrays is realistic and relatable. From the scenes with the animals, with scarlet or even with the fit that he had with his son Dylan. 

We Bought A Zoo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This is a movie that will make you fall in love with the characters that are true-to-life and understandable. There are a lot of comedy bits in the movie but the movie makes up good drama on some really tear-hugging scenes about love, family and loss.

Cameron Crown's comeback with this movie is a little far from the glory of his past movies as others may think, but I do like this one. Thank you Cameron. Another thing that one cannot argue is that the same with other Crown production, it is the carefully chosen music. Awesome range of tunes, and great song selections by Jónsi.

For the movie, I give it 4 popcorn

For what you ask? for Maggie Elizabeth Jones who played Benjamin's daughter Rose. This lady has this inherent charm onscreen that makes scenes with her in it just heart melting and just explodes with cuteness! She has this sharp intelligence and matured composition in the movie that its like your talking to an actual adult. Another thing to note is Elle Fanning, she just just lovely and did well on her part. I look forward for more of her acting. An actress to look out for definitely.

But seriously, I give it a rating for to the heart of it and laughter. Simple rule in movies? is to feel better when I come out of the theater than when I went in. :) Check out the trailer at the bottom of this post.

20th Century Fox’s “We Bought A Zoo” opens in local theaters on Jan. 18.

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