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No I didn't have my 2011 year end post. I was busy psyching myself out and planning for the nearest future, 2012. And so here we are, 2012, half way to the first half of the first month and how was my planning? eh! how was my 'psyching myself out?' eh! same old. No, I wasn't able to plan. But it's ok. I know making a new year's resolution is a 'thing' for others and many people really stick to it. It's like a tradition. Me? I make plans on the way as I live everyday. But I guess it wouldn't hurt to plan and not too late to be organize. Good thing I have this trusty companion. You ask me what? well...

Thanks to Post-It. I can still make the rest of the year right and it is never to late to start over a resolution correct? Unfortunately, many of our resolutions are forgotten even before others start. With the right tools, you can stick to your resolutions and embrace the upcoming year with hope and purpose. 

Good thing 3M Philippines along with Post-it® and Scotch® Brands share some 2012 resolutions for a more organized and well-rounded 2012:

1. Resolve to maximize your calendar. Your calendar will help you keep track of your dates, meetings, activities, vacations as well as important anniversaries and birthdays. As the year gets busier, you can be assured that you won’t forget important dates and won’t have to keep wracking your overtaxed mind to remember them. Whether you use a small organizer or a big wall calendar, Post-it® Notes can help you stick to this resolution. 

2. Resolve to get fit and healthy. Even the smallest changes can make a big difference in your fitness and health regimen. Leave yourself reminders to take even just 10 minutes to get off the chair and walk around the block. Keep a shopping list of healthy foods or a list of substitutes for your favorite junk foods such as baked potatoes in place of French fries or unsalted pretzels and popcorn rather than potato chips. Jot them down on Post-it® Notes Ruled Pad or you can even opt to use Post-it® Super Sticky Notes which are perfect for vertical and hard-to-stick surfaces. These notes hold stronger and longer than other notes so you can be sure to remind yourself that you don’t have to make great sacrifices to be healthy. 

3. Resolve to manage your expenses. Learn to control your spending by planning your budget ahead of time. List your regular sources of income and expected expenses such as rent, monthly mobile phone bill and groceries. This way, you can already get a picture of where your money goes, putting you in control of your finances. 

4. Resolve to spend more time with those you love. When you create your calendar, plan vacations ahead of time because more often than not, work will intrude on the precious moments you can get with your loved ones. A weekend away with the family or even just a night out with friends is sure to build good memories that will last the rest of your life. Stick Post-it® Notes on your calendar for details like where, when and with whom you will spend your time with. 

5. Resolve to stick to your resolutions. Your resolutions are made so you can enjoy the coming year better than the last. But remember that these resolutions are for the long run and need a lot of effort in order to create the right habits. Help yourself out by making a list of your resolutions and sticking them on your wall. Make it your own by customizing it any way you want – through words, pictures or sketches. Use Scotch® Reusable Mounting Products to avoid damaging your walls. They come in tabs, sheets and strips that remove easily and cleanly so you can remove and relocate them quickly. 

Through its innovative products, 3M Philippines can help you turn your resolutions into a reality so you can have the best year yet! This year with Post-it you have the change to make this year better. 

What about you? what's your new year's resolution? share it on the comments below! :)

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