SLAPSHOCK reloads 15 year-old career in “KINSE KALIBRE”,
Featuring the first single “Ngayon Na”

When SLAPSHOCK first hit the scene with “Fourth Degree Burn” 15 years ago, many automatically tossed the band aside as a part of the growing "rap metal" movement. When they emerged in 1997, we knew what to expect from them. They were a junior rap-metal band to sell thousands of albums and more likely being compared as KORN of Philippine rock scene. More than a decade on, Slapshock has effectively brought a world into the moshpit -- done it with poetry, pounding drum and bass, and a whole lot of power.

Having just released their seventh studio album under Polyeast Records, KINSE KALIBRE documents the band’s 15-year old career.  Featuring “Ngayon Na”, the album’s first single referencing some stylistic Slapshock trademarks --stomping through "Ngayon na, isigaw sa mundo… Ngayon na" gives a fiery shout-along hook while introducing some fresh dynamic sensibilities. The single’s music video is directed by Team Manila and now being aired on MYX Channel, which is running it’s number 1 seat in one month.

At this point, Slapshock's seventh studio album finds the rap-rock luminaries recording with the original line-up in over 15 years. The band includes Jamir Garcia (vocals), Lee Nadela (bass), Lean Ansing (guitars) and Chi Evora (drums). This full-length album consists of 12 tracks --produced by the band, all songs originally written by Jamir Garcia, mixed in Malaysia and was mastered at John Greenham Mastering in San Francisco, USA. Aside from working with notable artists outside the country, Slapshock also worked with Xander Angeles (photographer) and Team Manila for the album artwork who have also done many projects with the band.

With Kinse Kalibre, the band has once again found a place for reinvention, created a multi-layered and genre-smashing album set to cater more to our local market.  Jamir said, “In this album, we we’re challenged to produce something that will cater more to our Filipino listeners. This time, I have challenged myself to write five Tagalog songs”. Tracks include Kinse Kalibre (intro) Ngayon Na, Reset, Deliryo, Asal Demonyo, Burn In Hell, In The Line Of Fire, Langit, Under The Needle, Heartless, Salamin and All Hope Is Gone.

Taking seven albums to put together in 15 years and continuously building a huge fanbase against this pop-generation, Slapshock’s feat over those years was a tough ride for these four hardworking individuals. Jamir expanded, “We have released seven albums and each release gives us the pressure

of coming up of something NOT better than the other but the best the band can deliver.” Following the 6th album Carino Brutal’s commercial success, the band took another three years touring in and outside the country and was able to produce “Kinse Kalibre” that will mark their 15th year this coming February 2012. 
Jamir also explains, “Kinse Kalibre represents our 15 years of existence as band. Kalibre means that after 15 years, the band is still here—creating what we’re known for”. However, the band indeed created a long-lasting impact-- maturing with every album but never attempted changing their sound and exploring new territory have become their least priority. How did they make it?

When the band signed their first record deal in 1998 with OctoArts (now Polyeast Records), there was no denying they were original—original sound, original brand of songwriting, original heavy rock songs being replayed for years. Jamir added, “This album sets an example of a phenomenon… because for 15 years, we have come a long way building relationships. We are the same members, we never switched music labels, we’re under the same management and we still work with the same crew. People who supported us from the very beginning are still the same people around us up to this moment. That probably made us stay stronger—we work with people we trust and people who trust the band at the same time

Around this time, Slapshock performed at a number of high profile events, big-time endorsements, bagged numerous awards and sold thousands of albums in and out of the country. The band have proved strongly that loud modern heavy rock music could be good, and have established Slapshock as one of the most important and biggest bands of the last two decades. As Jamir ended, “Lahat ng banda dumating, andito na kami. Umalis na sila, andito pa rin kami...”

KINSE KALIBRE is now out in stores nationwide at Php 350. Special thanks to RED HORSE and DICKIES.

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