SANUK recently had its GRAND EYEBALL event last January 25, 2012 at TriNoma, Cinema 7 as a gesture to its loyal customers. As a complete treat, we were in for a free film viewing of CONTRABAND with complimentary snack and drinks from Kettle Korn and C2. 

SANUK. You may have heard or seen the name on footwear or advertisements. SANUK with its stylish look and extra comfy feel, has made its mark on the international lifestyle footwear category for its innovative design. Actually, the "SANUK" is the Thai word for happiness an balance. The name is also the mantra.

So where do you wear SANUK?
You wear it everywhere you want. Either by having a leisure walk on the beach, down the street, in the mall, at home, hanging out with friends and family or any other activity that you may have that embraces FUN!.

With its goal to make fun sandals from different materials with a positive happy vibe comes the famous tagline of SANUK "SMILE... Pass it on!", SANUK certainly did delighted the guest and made us feel that we were valued. And with that, I thank you SANUK!

Before the screening, there were some short activities for the loyal customers and online fans. The "Happyheads", is a term that refers to SANUK's SuperFUNKtional cardholders are offered with special privileges and lots of cool perks. They also did a few games and gave out awesome prizes.

After the awesome block movie screening of Contraband, it was apparent on the smiles of all the "Happyheads" that they really enjoyed the SANUK GRAND EYEBALL. Do check out SANUK PHILIPPINES on Facebook 

Sanuk is exclusively distributed by the Primer Group of Companies. For istings, visit

THANK YOU PRIMER GROUP, THANK YOU  Ms. LAIRA! THANK YOU SANUK!!! I look forward for more events with you! :)

"SMILE... Pass it on!"
This is Mix signing out!
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