When I say 3D. What would be the first thing that would come up in your mind? Movies right? And I am sure most of us have had that experience before. Awesome movie, with great 3D effects... Yes... We've had our share of those. But for me, what really bugs me is the glasses. Each glasses differ from the other, others are heavy and dark and cant really fit the eyes, and irritating when having it on top of another glass. Ever wonder what it would be like to have no 3D glasses and still experience 3D while watching something?

That's where 3D VIZION comes in. Filipinos have always been at the forefront of innovation. I am not going to break down where Filipinos have taken lead, but our passion to pursuit knowledge and the dire need to focus on day-to-day matters have made innovation 2nd nature to us Filipinos. That is why 3D VIZION, budding company name that represents its ground-breaking technology, takes the best of high-definition 2D technology and the latest in 3D technology to come up with a platform that is set to change the way companies in the Philippines advertiseglasses-free 3D screens. (You read that right!)

By Filipinos, For Filipinos: Proudly Pinoy Company Aims to Change Country’s Advertising Landscape

During the Bloggers night of 3D VIZION, Ms. Katrina Bantug, President and CEO of 3D Vizion. shared "When we decided to pursue this, we had only one intention in mind—to come up with a company, that will revolutionize the way we do advertising here in the country—to provide our countrymen with the best available technology out there" With that intention, advertising certainly will change in the next coming years. “Myself, Mr. Mohan Kulkarni and DEMIKK Holdings, Inc., as represented by Ruben Tiu, came up with this idea of having a fully-operational Filipino company that offers world-class, first-class products and services.” added Ms. Bantug.

3D Vizion uses proprietary technology to provide companies with a revolutionary platform that they can use not just to catch attention, but ultimately, to generate sales. This is their angle. Help advertisers generate more sales. Because of this, the company has been getting a lot of attention from other organizations who want to get the word out of their offerings; likewise 3D Vizion’s technology is slowly being recognized as the new standard platform for a more cost-efficient yet undeniably effective mass marketing.

“Glasses-free 3D screens leave such a lasting imprint that studies have shown that it is 10 times more effective more than regular 2D media,” adds Katrina Bantug. “In the US, a study discovered that when used in a mall, the sales of the brand featured in the glasses-free 3D screen went up at least 12% in addition to the store reporting a 34% increase in consumer traffic.”

I was able to experience 3D without the glasses and I tell you that it was really an amazing experience. It is really a big step in 3D experience and 3D screens from how we see 3D inside the movie houses. It is a new and more sophisticated technology providing viewers with improved 3D projection coupled with high-definition 2D images, more spots for viewing and of course, the ability to watch without the use of bothersome red and blue glasses that can cause headaches among other discomforts.

Getting all technical and everything, multiple researches found that similar technology has a proven track record of heightened engagement, yielding 92% in memory retention among audience, with 68% of the number displaying a higher probability of following the experience with a purchase. Studies conducted in other industries, such as education also prove the effectiveness of the medium in making people perceive, understand and remember ideas.

Bottom line is this: In the battle for the attention of the consumer who is now media savvy and inundated by so much information, rising above the clutter is an act of survival. 3DVizion is proud to be the company that will aid the industry to keep growing and working towards better ways of engaging with the mass market.

The future is here and that is Filipino. 3D VIZION makes it happen. Possibilities are endless, in fields of education, medical, advertising and many more. So if you happen to pass by a screen and grabs your attention and reaches out to you and you suddenly dodge or grab the screen in any other way, that is 3D VIZION. Filipino.

This is Mix signing out!


Check out photos from the Bloggers' Night.


Founded by Katrina Bantug, Mohan Kulkarni and backed by DEMIKK Holdings, Inc.- represented by Ruben Tiu,3D Vizion is a budding Filipino company whose goal is to revolutionize the country’s advertising landscape and put us at par with other nations using glasses-free 3D screens as its main platform. For more information about the company, its products and services, you may contact Susana Eslava at 695-1111 or 706- 7999 or visit their website at www.3dvscreens.com.

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