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GYM & FITNESS LOVERS! Now here is a place that will definitely make you workup a sweat. But this is a different type of gym. You ask me what? I say read on. :)

I was able to attend this event along with other fellow bloggers Nonoy, Jeman and Ruth, thanks to Alex and Ms. Xchosa for the invite. FTX stands for Fitness Exchange - taking pride in their FUN.INTEST.FUSION.TRAINING is perfect for those with busy schedule. What's good about this GYM is that even with your hectic schedule and lacking the time to go to the gym (like most of us do), FTX does not charge monthly membership. They also don't have joining fees and no extra charges. So how with you pay to make use of the facilities? You pay per class or per gym session. Now isn't that easy? They also sell by the bundle and get freebies or even extra session out of it.

Check out the GYM.


So I guess you wonder of these unusual fitness machines and gym stations? Well, FTX introduces new classes like FLY YOGA and also uses the lates equipment such as Rip-60. What's good aside from these new addition to the usual gym, FTX provides your gym session with maximum guidance and supervision. With the 15 signature workouts at FTX you will never be left clueless. You ask why 15 signature workouts? well, those were developed to cover different types of physiques, mental fortitude and different lifestyles. To top that, FTX has gathered country's finest roster of fitness trainers, so your experience at FTX would be a personalized training like nobody does it. 

15 signature workouts.

Lose Big Now, Kettle Burning, Tarzan’s Jungle, Gladiator’s Zone, Model’s Runway, Burns & Glory, Core Builder, Strongman, Tita Cora’s Circuit, FTX Chairman’s Express, Baller’s Circuit, Marvin’s Xtreme Xpress, Runner’s Circuit, FTX Express, and FTX Extreme

After seeing the equipment, lets see how one should use it. Mr. Reijo del Prado, FTX’s managing partner with FTX representatives demonstrates some of their CirQFit Signature Exercises. The routine is a around 10-15 minute warm-up run and transferring from one work station to the other. Having around 15-30 second breathing time in between. ( I tell you, it's not easy)

 Here's Yoga and Dance
Bring your mind and body fitness to a full circle by immersing in FTX’s classes on the mat with Easy Chill and Ashtanga Yoga or in the air with our exclusive FLY Yoga.
For Yoga & Dance they have Zumba, 80′s Groove, Teens Hip-Hop Cardio, Striptease Cardio, Pole Dancing, FTX Techno Rave, Ashtanga Yoga, and FTX Fly Yoga. While the FTX Core & Combat Trainings have Boxing Skills, SPA Boxing, Boot Box, Circuit Box, Muay Thai, Kettlebell Basics, Kettlebell Elite, and Rip60.

So to sum up, FTX stands for FITNESS EXCHANGE is an ultramodern fitness concept for “anti-gym” designed for people who want to lose weight, feel better and look better in the most cost-effective and exciting ways possible. FTX creates fast, intense, extremely fun and creative fusion training.

What makes FTX Unique?
FTX offers 15 Cirqfit Signature Exercises personalized in a non traditional way. FTX offers exceedingly personalized training packages for extremely busy businessmen and professionals. Personalized packages ranging from 3, 4, or 6 months period and will carry out fitness trainings either at the FTX gym or at the client’s residence and/or place of work. FTX offers an Elite Package which includes a 4 week diet plan.

So if you want a gym that has NO MEMBERSHIP FEES, NO JOINING FEES, NO ANNUAL FEES!? This is your gym. The innovative PAY PER GYM, that incorporates fun with intensity helping you achieve your fitness goal.

FTX is located at Unit 202, Three Salcedo Place, Tordesillas Street (above UCPB Tordesillas & Salcedo Velasquez Park), 1227 Makati, Philippines Open from Mon - Sun: 6:00 am - 10:00 pm. Visit www.gymftx.com, email info@gymftx.com or you may reach them at (02) 822-3311 or 0916-2701177 for more information.

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Check out more photos below and here.
Nonoy, Jeman and Ruth
below are Jeman and Nonoy trying out some stations. :)
Mr. Reijo del Prado, FTX’s managing partner and image model, showing the end product of joining in the FTX fun!

Thanks to Alex and Ms. Xchosa for the invite.

Reijo del Prado, FTX’s managing partner and image model, together with other FTX staffs, demonstrates some of their CirQFit Signature Exercises. The workout routine starts with a 15-minute run using the treadmill and went from one fitness section to another until they completed the full routine.
Aside from the CirQFit exercises, FTX also demonstrated their other services including the Fly Yoga,FTX Dance, and Muay Thai. Check out the photos and videos below:
At FTX, the fun intense fusion training fits right into everyone’s busy schedule. In case it gets too hectic, no need to fret

FTX is located at Unit 202, Three Salcedo Place, Tordesillas Street (above UCPB Tordesillas & Salcedo Velasquez Park), 1227 Makati City. For more information about what FTX can do for you, visit www.gymftx.com or email info@gymftx.com or contact them at (02) 822-3311 or 0916-2701177.

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