I received this package last week and I didn't open it. It said open in case of emergency, and so I did. Today, is a good day. Woke up with a greeting from Nix, and looking forward to the planned dinner with her. After taking a bath, and was dressing up, I suddenly found that my old cologne is already dry. Considering that this was an important night, (an emergency) I decided to open up the AXE survival kit.  

What's inside?

As they say, in survival, you build shelter. Having a rope keeps and holds everything in place. Yes you may see that it looks velvet-y with tassels in it but it is still rope, and a rope is still a rope. After building you awesoem lock-shack, this will come handy when you get drifted in an island with your loved one, or on some cases for single guys, get drifted to an Island with HOT STRANDED SURVIVORS.

"I don't see myself using this yet.. But it would be nice to keep it handy. :)"

Well, if you are stranded in an Island, what's important is that you don't also freeze to death. So you need heat. No man deserves to suffer from cold nights. With that, pick up some sticks, some logs, pour that fuel and FOOOOM!!! We have fire!! definitely in this cold night, your partner will snuggle up beside you. Like moth to a flame, these ladies will come running getting some heat on you fire, so be sure to keep it burning.

Once they are there, and your fuel fails you, all you need is body heat to seal the job. So there you go!


In survival, you must survive with the fittest, and no man can walk alone. So make sure that you don't. Accompany yourself with a sexy nurse or a hot police woman to protect you then you are all set. 

*Note: If the survivors you find are not hot, and have violent tendencies, cuff em and leave em. 
**If they are hot but not on the list and have a few violent tendencies, cuff them still but use the furry cuffs. Tickle them to your fancy one in a while. Be sure to keep them with you at all times. Who know when will you be needing them :)


Well, ultimate rule in survival is errrr SURVIVE. so don't bleed to death. Not only does it sucks dying but it also makes you cry painfully. So make sure you have a tourniquet to wrap and apply pressure with cuts and bruises. This is where the sexy nurse will come in handy. (wink) 

Once recovered, u can use the tourniquet for other purposes, lets say use as a blindfold  while playing hide and seek with the nurse. As they say, "Seek, and you shall find" 

Lastly, as they say, In survival, be AWESOME. Being the end of the world and all, and lets say you'd be the last male, you have the responsibility to maintain AWESOMENESS to the womankind. Yes it won't get any better than that. 

So to help with the awesomeness to the point of being the sexiest man alive, spray on some AXE 2012, THE FINAL EDITION. With it'slight citrus scent, you will rise above the stench of destruction and let the rest of the world catch a whiff. Surviving has never been this pleasurable.

My review on the Axe 2012, The Final Edition scent? Well I couldn't complain. I love the scent. It was tried and tested by my oh so awesome body (with love handles). It was also sniffed by two representatives of the superior gender. My mom and my girl. Yeah, I am not gonna breakdown what happened after they sniffed me wearing the Axe 2012, Final Edition.

I am going to stock/stack up on this scent as I shall be needing this towards the end of the year. Not only did Mayans predicted the end of the world, but it shall also be my wedding. So in preparation to the honeymoon. (triple-wink) I am going to spray this all over.

To you who are ready to survive, make sure that you have the necessary kit with you. We don't know what will happen and make sure that you make surviving as pleasurable as possible.

Grab your Axe 2012, The Final Edition to your nearest store. HAPPY END OF THE WORLD!
DISCLAIMER: These tips are for a happy end of the world. For true survival, check out Man vs Wild.

This is Mix signing out!
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Fan page: mixofeverything

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