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CRUSTASIA: YOur Crab Haven :)

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I was fortunate enough to be a part of the group that was there at Crustasia: A Crab Affair. It was a food tasting event at their branch in Rockwell. I tell you... Man, I was glad I was able to attend that event. :)

The interiors same as other branches we nice. It was simple and had an Asian feel.

Well, the crab affair should I say is all about crabs. First up in the menu... CRAB! :) I'll just let the pictures do the talking here. :)


Sriracha Crab
Cooked in spicy Thai chili sauce
Sriracha Crab
Black Peppered Crab
Deep fried crab sauteed in black pepper
Black Peppered Crab
Shrimp Pancake
Chang Boun Thai Curry Crab
Crab cooked in tThai curry and eggs
Chang Boun Thai Curry Crab
Singaporean Chili Crab
Singaporean Chili Crab
Typhoon Shelter Crab
Deep fried sauteed with garlic and chilis, served on a bed of garlic noodles, a causeway bay best seller
Typhoon Shelter Crab
Salted Duck Crab
Deep fried crab coated with duck egg
Well? How'd you like our menu for that day? :)  I will post a more detailed description on the crabs plus the prices once I have the details on it. :) Moving on.
The first crab I took. :) 
We all know Crustasia, but the lunch event opened my eyes to other ways of eating a crab. It is a rare experience to eat so many different types of cooked crabs in one sitting, and it certainly did change how I look at Crustasia. As mentioned by Peter Ayson, Crustasia's Executive Chef, they really make sure that the crabs they are serving, are quality crabs, he personally screens and checks the crabs and the cooking , making sure it reaches premium taste. They even have cooks from all over Asia shared by chef peter

See that long table? good huh?

Bloggers having fun eating the crabs!

Mr. Leo Vergara of Crustasia introducing their international chefs.

Chefs and fans having their picture taken with Ms. Janice de Belen.

Chef Peter Ayson having a chat with guests

Ms. Xchosa, Janeena Chan and Mr. Leo Vergara of Crustasia (pic on left). Janeena with Chef Nur.
You can see that on the bottom pic on the left is Ruth from Yeap that was her table, and she ate all the crabs there :)
More pictures below.

It was truly a great experience, it was my first time eating that much of good crabs in one sitting. Definitely recommending this to food / crab lovers out there. Eating at Crustasia is truly a good dining experience, food so good at an affordable price. You definitely won't go wrong dining here. You can check out their menu here.

The crab prices average around P 120.00 on 700g-999g., P 135.00 for 1000g and up for Male Crab and P 145.00 for Female Crab. You can check out their branch at G/F Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Dr. Makati City, Metro Manila, or try to give them a call at (02) 728-5463.

Check out more pictures here.


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