It was one helluva-n experience that we (bloggers) had when we all had a taste of what the 3M company is all about. We were joined by marketing and operations executives and the rest of the 3M executive during the event.  First we were introduced to the company, the products and was asked to write down our resolution for 2012, introduce ourselves and share our resolutions. So we did.

Bigger not in terms of physical size, but a bigger dream.
Better in dealing with work, stress, problem, people and better at things I am good at.
Faster meaning focused and gets things done quicker, and not bumming out or being lazy.
Stronger as a whole. physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Below, Enzo Luna from Juan Manila Express and Social Plus Magazine sharing his resolution. The 3M executives opening the floor to some questions from the online media / bloggers.

We were then asked to check out the other room where we saw this pile of 3M Post-it products!

We were then divided into 3 groups in preparation for the game. The game? Is to make the the messed up table below, look as organized as possible using the 3M Post-it.

Our group wouldn't stand down and will not easily be put to rest. After a crazy few minutes of preparation and fixing the area, let me show you the competition's table.
Group 2
Group 3
Group 1 - Our Group
So who do you think won the game? :)
We did. :)
After the game we went back on the other room and 3M drew a few winners  for a raffle.
 And a couple of group shots before lunch.

After lunch, winners were drawn again and all were ready for the tour.

First stop, at the Consumer and Office Business Super Store.
This place is where the 3M products are displayed the way it should be displayed when it is on their actual store. This is also a place for their promodizers to practice ans study how they shall be storing the 3M products.
They have a lot of items. From hardware, to office, to medical to basically everything! You would be surprised how big the 3M company is. :)
Turns out, they actually have a lot of items, from Abrasives, Acoustics, Packaging, Film, Filteration, Other Chemicals, etc. and so on. All I know is at some point we have come across the 3M brand. They also have some discoveries of their own and was able to set the trend and help improve our lives better. 

The visiting bloggers receiving the awesome goody bag from 3M.

Happy bloggers with 3M family.

This is Mix signing out!
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