LION KING 3D Movie review

Now how many of you seen the Lion King? (people raise hands) Ok, how many of you have not seen Lion King? (one guy raised hand and ask "Lion who?") This just validates my point, that if you missed watching it...shame on you! :) We all know Simba, we know Timon and Pumba. We know the songs and a few times I know that you guys sang the Hakuna Matata bit.. All in all, we have grown to love the story of the Lion King.

Lion King is not your ordinary Disney Story. It bluntly showcased the 'circle of life', 'murder' and 'tragedy'. It was both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Serious and funny. Grand and intimate. I think that these are the qualities that the Lion King movie has and the reason also why it is such a hit the 2nd time around that is now on 3D. I will not go into detail on the story of Lion King but going to talk about the 3D offering reviving the 1994 classic.

I know, why would you fork out a few more couple of buck to see the movie that you have already seen?Well, people from Disney just wants you to experience the movie again on the big screen, but thus time, in 3D. A few things I've noticed as I was admiring the 3D of the movie, they were surprisingly lovely, and kind of refreshing to watch it on the big screen, as I remember correctly, I wasn't able to watch it the first time. I say converting it into 3D was great or somewhat fitted perfectly coming from the original hand drawn animation.

I find myself touching the air reaching to the birds flying across the screen and raindrops falling from the sky. These are just some, the ones I really liked were the ones during the Simba and Scar battle, filling the screen with awesome 3D effect and ferocity. It was like watching the movie for the first time again. 

The movie houses may charge us a couple if bucks, it's ok. Because they didn't provide us just the film, they gave us the experience. This 3D movie definitely met the standards and watching it in you living room simply cant compare it to the big screen.

I give the movie 4 out of 5. Kids will love it and the adult will get a few laughs out of it. :)

Catch the Lion King on all your favorite cinemas  starting December 14.

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