It was my first time attending the Ducati BLoggers' Night, because it was their first, and I was lucky enought to be a part of it. ehem ehem. Ladies and gentlemen. introducing the Monster 795 of Ducati... (bow)

Looks rad huh? the aesthetic design, the look and attitude and the redness of it. It is the Ferrari of all motorcycles!

Some of the bloggers during the event.
(L) Karen - Marketing Manager of Ducati and bloggers
Other DUCATI motorcycle models which is also displayed somewhere in the back/side. I could't help but take a picture of it.

But of course the highlight that night is the DUCATI MONSTER 795. Combined with their Ducati promo girl, you just gotta take a few snaps of them together.
Arianne and the Ducati 795

Now if you can just direct your attention on the bike for a sec., you can see that it just looks so freakin awesome. Ducati now offers a good entry level of thei motorcycle offering. Boasting with a very stylish look and feel. It perfectly shows the Monster spirit with balanced lifestyle performance and functionality

Painted in its signature Ducati Red, bright red frame. The Monster 795 opens a new roan to the world of Ducati Monster. Now, Ducati is set to change the lifestyle of people in all ages who enjoys and appreciates hand-built Italian motorcycles.

The Monster 795 has this perfect balance of incomparable performance and easy handling, and by the looks of it, this Monster has an exceptional personality. An 87 hp L-twin engine and a torque of 8.0 kgm at 6250 rpm ensures that the Monster 795 will provide an awesome and unforgettable thrills. Truly this Monster 795 shows the essence of Ducati's sporting soul.
For more detailed specifications, you may click on this link.

The hosts welcoming the bloggers and opened the floor for questions

The Ducati branch in P. Tuazon did not only have motorcycles, but they also have some apparel and some accessories ... It was like a bat cave of awesome rides and gadgets.

Back to the errr motorcycle. :)

Bloggers' seem to be enjoying taking pictures of uhhhm ... the motorcycles...

Well, i guess I did too... I love taking pictures of motorcycles...

As you can see, Enzo from Juan Manila Express showcases a winning smile with the Ducati Monster 795 (and the girl). So guys guys guys, get your Ducati Monster 795 tomorrow at Eastwood for the launch. gogogo! and start living the Dream! 

It was an awesome night, thanks Ducati! It was a great experience and we all had fun!. More power and we can't wait to listed to the Monster rev!

This is Mix signing out!

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