KFC Zinger Double Down: Challenge Accepted!!!

With my buddy Thom, I finally gave into this one temptation that I've been dodging for a while now. After an exhilarating game of Lazer tag at LAZEREXTREME in Market! Market, we opted for this fast food joint. Aside from the review, well, there is the comment on KFC branch. On with the food!

Yeap to go with the KFC Zinger Double Down, Thom bought mango shake with sago at Mango Farm. (This actually became my favorite drink for most of 2011) Yeap, doesn't sound like a nice pair but it. .. is... gooood. :)

The chicken Zinger is well... uhmmm Zinger... spicy and a bit salty, put two in it and there you go, salty. :) in the middle are 2-2 1/2 strips of bacon, cheese and mayo. I don't have to explain, you get the picture. :)
Half way through the Zinger Double Down, I find myself lacking food intake. Having a fear no not being full after purchasing this "burger" I ordered large fries and 'extra rice'. Yeap you heard me right, extra rice. Since the Zinger is a salty burger i figured that with 'controlled' KFC gravy topping on rice, it would just be all perfect! No I didn't take a picture of it. :)

Sharing the Lazer Tag pic below. It was really a new and fun experience. We used the GC I got from the Blogapalooza. So thanks Blogapalooza! If you are looking for a different kind of experience of harmless shooting  (usign lazers!) with mazes and others, try this one out. Check out their website for more info. http://www.lazerxtreme.com.ph/

Anyways, So, how many of you tried the Zinger double down? Okay, how many of you ordered rice with it? :) As for me, the KFC Zinger Double Down was OK. It was nice to have experienced it fir the first time and would definitely recommend it to some who has nice eaten it yet. It is not something that I can eat for 3-4 times a week. What about you guys? What is your opinion on the ZINGER DOUBLE DOWN? post your comments and reviews below! :)

This is Mix signing out!

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