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2CELLOS - The amazing cello duo

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Discovered Via YouTube For Their Fresh And Unique Cello Music Video
Of Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’
Okay, so you are going to be a musician, what instrument would you play? a guitar? drums? piano?Have you thought of playing .. let's say... a cello? ever thought of playing cello infront of a big crowd with your non-classical beats giving it a twist and make it sound oh so awesome and appealing? That's what 2CELLO did. So what is the deal about 2Cellos? You'll find out in a bit.

Living in a small town in Croatia, 24-year-old music students, Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, are living a dream come true – and quickly! After posting a self-made music video of them performing Michael Jackson's “Smooth Criminal” on their cellos, the longtime friends received more attention than they ever expected.

Within days, the video became a viral sensation and received millions of views. It got the attention of Sony MASTERWORKS who signed them to a record deal. Concurrently, they received a phone call from legend Elton John who invited them to join him on his European tour this summer.

“I feel so blessed that all of this is happening – a record deal with Sony MASTERWORKS and a tour with Elton John – who would have imagined?!” relays Luka Sulic.

Their debut album is featured Sulic & Hauser’s unique spin on hits by Guns N’ Roses, U2, Trent Reznor and Kings of Leon among others.

Of the repertoire Stjepan says: “Both Luka and I love classical music and have studied it for years, but we are really excited to put our own take on classics by some of our favorite pop and rock artists.” 

Luka and Stjepan made their first national TV appearance as 2CELLOS with a performance of “Smooth Criminal” on The Ellen DeGeneres show on April 25th, 2011. check out the video below.
Both are classically trained no doubt, both attended royal conservatories in the UK and one of them (Hauser) was a student of the later cello legend Mstislav Rostropovich. Both are also doing well on the competition circuit and also playing internationally.

Like what they said, they just uploaded a video of themselves and that was it! but it's not just the talent, it's how they play and their charm that makes them great. They play fierce, animal like, with an awesome energy, beating the cello and stomping their feet. They embody passion with great energy as they play. Certainly, using the classical instrument, and able to put in their own taste and touch into some of the great songs certainly sets the bar for other classical players. How would others feel? I am not sure, but the music that 2Cellos make is certainly unique, creative and fresh. This way we can enjoy modern music with the touch of the classical instrument.

I am not sure what their genre is, maybe rock? at least that's what they got famous for, but hey.. then again, if it is good, it is good. Check out the propulsive and virtuosic rendition of Guns N' Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle " below.

For more information on 2CELLOS (Sulic & Hauser) visit: or follow them on

I hope I can have a copy of their album to review, better yet, I hope we can have a couple of albums so that we can giveaway to my readers right? (*wink wink). Hit the comments section below if you guys want 2CELLO albums! :)

This is mix signing out!

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