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Ok, how may of you had the fear of applying for a new credit card because of the monthly dues and charges? I've been there and I've that fear before. Okay, how many of you had a hard time shopping online? (raises hands, yes, two hands) Me! Well, recently I've attended this cool launch of BPI cards Wonderworld at Seventh High. So with the questions that I have earlier, my respond to your answers would be, "Fear not because the BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard is here!"  In line with the 160th anniversary of BPI this year, BPI is rolling out new digital innovations that will provide customers—both men and women—with an easier way to make more secure card payments while presenting them with endless shopping opportunities. 

Now they are making shopping and purchasing easier, fun and exciting yet safe secure and convenient may it be online of offline, BPI is definitely setting up the innovation bar higher with the BPI eCredit and My ePrepaid Cards, BPICards.com, and Dealmania.ph.

BPI certainly opened up a new world of shopping for digital shoppers with the BPI eCredit Card. It is the first-ever virtual credit card designed for online shopping. Don't worry because it is safe to use when shopping online because it is a companion card of the BPI Express Credit MasterCard variants - BLue, Gold, Edge, Petron and Skymiles. It also uses a different card number and its own LIMIT. This will definitely keep you in control of your finances. But don't worry, cardholders can set and ad just it as they need it. 

Those without a credit card, well... good luck to you... But good thing BPI is here and recently introduced the My ePrepaid card. One thing good about this? is that is doesn't require you to have your application approved! :) as they say, no-hassle, no-approval required. It is a reloadable prepaid card that gives the power of purchase to the widest selection of MasterCard-affiliatted online shopping sites without having to worry or submit documents and just basically maintaining a balance. Now, Purchasing gadgets, apparels, shoes, concert tickets, airline tickets even coupon deals are now easier and fast.

With all the other launching that BPI have now, the launched the BPICards.com, it is an interactive site where you can get updates, features and promotions of the BPI Cards. One of the features they have is the Profiler feature which helps a customer choose the right card for them based on their lifestlye and preferences. Along with cool concept, it also hosts DealMania.ph, which gives up-to-date infor of ongoing sales, promos, hottest deals and many more. It is a deal-buying site exclusive to BPI cardholders.

Definitely, BPI has always been revolutionizing the way how we purchase. They always have been setting the bar in providing customers ease of banking and continues to innovate to improve the banking experience all geared towards helping Filipinos to better access products and services in store and online, here and abroad.

To to BPI, thank you for these innovations! I look forward for more. :)

This is Mix signing out!

Check out some pictures from the BPI Wonderworld event below.

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