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102 Paseo - Making dreams come true

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Few months ago, BPI Family Savings Bank opened, and just yesterday, they launched a new innovative baking experience, they launched the 102 Paseo. Now if you ask me what is this place, I would tell you that this is a one stop shop for all your loan needs and also a step closer to your dream. Dream house, dream car and your dream business.

BPI understands the dreams that people have. That is why with 102 Paseo, It is built with the regular office workers and businessman in mind. Giving choices to those who are exploring opportunities, at the same time, 102 Paseo addresses clients concerns and options over a coffee in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

We all know how these loans work before. It is usually in bank setup, kind of like stiff and in an uncomfortable place to talk about loans, but with the first and only Loans Concept Store of BPI, one can explore as they please. Read a magazine, surf the internet, have a cup of coffee and just chill. One thing that is also great is that they have these Dream Coaches. 

The dream coaches helps customer determine what steps to make to make their dream come true. Questions like “What type of car suits one’s personality and lifestyle? What are the available houses and condos at a certain location?” and “How much is needed to put up a small business in a mall?”

All of these questions can be answered by the dream coaches. Another is that 102 Paseo allows you to act on your own pace. Then if you are ready to talk, you can then secure the help of the dream coach anytime. If you would be able to visit the place you can see and feel the relaxed and comfy ambience. The beautiful space is divided into 3 main areas which is the Car, business and housing loan. It also has a coffee shop inside so you can easily relax and chill while making decisions on how to make dreams come true.

During the launch, The housing loan talk was headed by Ms Donna Barroga who is the Product Manager for housing. She guided us in the housing section of 102 Paseo and showed us the interactive screen that allows you to browse developers, housing projects, etc. She also shared shared that in time, they will have more developers on their list. Right now they have an existing tie-up with My Property which gives them a list of almost all developers in the country. Browsing and searching for housing projects are easier because you can search it buy budget and by location.

Next is Ms. Marjorie Antonio, Product Manager for Business Loan.
At 102 Paseo, they have exhibitors or somewhat like franchise of the month, once a month or every 2 weeks they change exhibitor giving customers choices for their business inquiries.
Ms. Marj Antonio also showed the online business loan inquiry which give us faster loan request assessment.

Last is Auto Loan led by the Product Manager, Mr. Mike Mendoza. He shared to us the BPI's advantage in getting an auto loan from BPI. Aside from the huge discounts they are also offering free 'Acts of Nature Insurance Coverage'. Now how good is that deal? Very timely and perfect for the current unpredictable weather condition nowadays.
If you browse through the Auto Loan website, you can easily check out almost all types of vehicles / brands with all the details and specs of your preferred vehicle. The BPI loans site is powered by Top Gear Philippines. The site also helps you to compare one vehicle to the other.
Mike shared to us also that they display different types of car displayed every month. From high-end, to mid and low. This way, the 102 Paseo can make the customers appreciate and feel their dream car.

As shared by Mr. Noel Altamirano, Vice President and Head of 3-Loans, “Dreams should be attainable, and at 102 Paseo, We make it possible.” BPI wants their customers informed of the realistic solutions in moving closer to their dream added by Mr. Altamirano.

The 102 Paseo is really a different kind of concept store, it is a new genre that they are introducing and I feel that this would hit. The place shows lush interiors, great colors and lighting. If you have noticed the pictures, you can also see that they using modern technology in bringing customers ease in inquiring and applying loans. Certainly another first from BPI Family Savings Bank.
Had fun taking pictures of the Jaguar XF 3.0 V6 Diesel.
Fellow bloggers Juan Manila and ChubbyTiff

Visit 102 Paseo at 102 Paseo de Roxas corner Nieva Street, Makati near Enterprise and make your dreams come true.

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