I've been blogging for more than a year now going to my second year in a few months. (March 2010) I remember now that my first blog post got lost somehow and wasn't able to share why I started blogging in the first place, and ended up with a first post like this.  Anyways, I basically blog because I wanted to share and that's it. Sharing has been easier with the internet and digital world growing evolving faster everyday. 

I hail from the streets of Manila. Born and raised in the streets that used to the the center of happening. I remember walking into the length of Avenida and Recto just to be pumped and happy with different treasures I find. Way back in 2003 and even earlier, I have been attending events, organizing, hosting and many others. At 2005, I became a marketing and brand officer of SM Malls handling mall shows, mall / movie tours, seasonal events and conceptualizing concepts designed specifically for my mall. I then moved to Araneta Center under advertising and promotions, and the rest is history. In those short years exposed to events, concerts, shows, launches, artists, musicians, advertising, promotions.. I got tired of it and decided to settle, lay low and have a simple and quite life. But having a wide array of interest, I just couldn't stay quite and couldn't stay boring. My interests is from movies to music, to arts and food and on to may other things.

I was a graphic designer for a while, a creative and design head, a social media manager, marketing guy, leasing and logistics kind of guy. I'd like to define myself as the kind of like the jack-of-all-trades. (who doesn't need to master anything, let's face it, I wanted to do lots of things) and Like I said, I am just a guy, still trying to figure things out.

The thing that pushed me into blogging in the first place is because I wanted to write. I did not major in English or writing, I am not good nor am I bad at it but I guess I'm just too lazy when my line of thought gets jeopardized by the things around me. Anyways, I started blogging because i wanted to be a fiction writer. I am no a writer, but i do like sharing stories, day dreaming, voicing out my opinion and way of thinking. I sometimes don't review what i write, I don't edit, I type fast then post. So sorry, I guess I am that lazy, so pardon me if some grammars in this blog is wrong.

Why mixofeverything?

I didn't really what to focus on, I don't know what my niche is. People gives advice to other people that if you want to start blogging, you have to find a niche... But I didn't listen. I liked events, plays, movies, food, mainstream and underground stuffs. So i decided to put a mixofeverything as the name of my blog. It is basically anything about my day to day life. A mix of food, adventures, new places, cravings, techie stuffs, life, arts, photography, designing, events & happenings and basically a mix of everything.

Who do you look up to in the Blogging world?
As i was searching for topics on food, i usually come across this blog http://www.ourawesomeplanet.com/. and ever since, I was hooked and i wanted to also share what i had on these places I visited and experienced. Sir Anton Diaz from http://www.ourawesomeplanet.com/ somehow made me decide on starting out a blog.
Another blog that i love visiting and also look up to is the one from Azrael Coladilla. His site is  http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com/. He has an awesome mix of blog which is kind of like what I do.

Why do you blog?
I blog because i want to share. It was stressful at first sharing stuffs in Facebook and other social platforms as you can't really share complete details on whatever it is that you want to share, and nobody can't really check back or revisit the post whenever they like. Another thing is that if they are on these social networking sites, they would be too busy updating status', uploading pictures and chatting.

Blogging is also a nice way of connecting and sharing opinions on different matters with people all over the country and even the world.

Are you happy with how mixofeverything turned out?
Well, i guess i am happy, and let's just say i'm still getting there, It is still on it's infancy (even after a year). But I like where it is now, i like the views, and somehow blog traffics are improving, ads are slowly coming in. So thanks to the supports.

Happy because, I started March 2010 and i didn't know where this is going. I didn't know what mixofeverything would be, and now with 400+ post and 100k views and counting, i guess i am happy that somehow, someone out there reads the posts that i publish.

Where do you see mixofeverything heading in a year or so?
I see my blog heading in a direction which I am quite bothered to define. It used to be a personal blog. Now, I think mine is just the same as any other blogs out there. What I want to do, is to share more of my personal thoughts and adventures I guess. 

"I guess after a year of blogging, I still don't know where this is heading, all I know is that I do not intend to compete with others, nor make a living out of this. I do not blog because I want to get in to events for free , win raffles or get freebies, but I blog to share." At some point, I think we need to ask ourselves why do we blog... and if we are blogging for the right reasons.

Anyone you want to give thanks to those who helped mixofeverything become what it is now?
There are a lot of people actually, everyone I met has taught me and made me aware, survive the blogging frenzy here in Manila. But I would like to thank fellow bloggers who has helped and guided me. Bloggers who became friends. Others who shares the same  ethics, responsibility, credibility, professionalism and right attitude towards people, events and fellow bloggers.

I thanks those who invited me to their events and believed on the effect that my blog have online. Thanks to all the PR agencies and to all the companies that trusted me with their events, campaigns and launches.

Quick thanks to Nix for always supporting and understanding what I do. To Az, Jeman, Anton, Ferdie, Ruth, Nonoy, Jay, Enzo, Ciso, for the support. To John, Alex, Rod, Jonel, Vince, Mhel, Mario, Leila, David, Choy, Trina, Joyce, Jad, Hannah, Marco, and many other for making events fun and worth it.

To those whom I forgot to mention, sorry but thanks for being a part of Mix, at some point you have made my blog better that what it is before.

This is Mix reintroducing my blog mixofeverything.blogspot.com.

Drop me a message soon @ michael.soon@yahoo.com

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