ARIEL goes for the biggest 3D event!


Ariel detergent has taken the 3D technology and raised it into new heights. They also unveiled the first detergent that taps into this technology for a much more superior laundry result. 3D technology is revolutionizing how we see and experience the world and that is what Ariel scientists have been doing, spent more than three years developing the technology by bringing patented 3D tools to the laundry category for the first time. Ariel scientists used new 3-D technology to see and understand fabrics, fibers, and stains like never before.

The grand event happend at the SMX open grounds near Microtel Mall of Asia. Ariel wowed the audience with a first-of-its-kind 3D Projection Mapping Show at the flat facade of Microtel and giving the audience a new perspective in 3-dimensional of the surface.

The event was about the combined concept of fabric care and fashion from the two leaders. Ariel and Bench. Together, they presented the country's first outdoor 3D Projection Mapping Fashion Show with awesome visuals of the models burning up the projected runway. It is also coincidentally appropriate with the Philippine Fashion Week.

The event was hosted by Ariel's endorser Boy Abunda and together with the Ariel people, they all shared that they used 3D technology to better understand how dirt and stains penetrate fabrics, and with that, they made Ariel even better. With the technology, they discovered that the clothing don't have one layer bu have multiple layers of fibers and that dirt penetrates these layers.

With a breakthrough technology that deep cleans clothes effectively, everyone and fashionistas out there are now can continue to look good everyday because they know now that  clothes cannot be fashionable unless the things that they wear are clean and stain-free.

If you wan't to witness and check what I am saying, you can watch how the 3D power of new Ariel 3D Deep Clean comes to life alongside with Bench 3D fashion Show. Just search "Ariel 3D Deep Clean" on YouTube to view the show. Ariel also continues with its 3D innovations by launching the country's first-ever 3D commercial in November. 

You can grab your very own 3D glasses for free with specially-marked Ariel packs for you to be able to view the first ever 3D commercial. The special packs shall be sold in stores starting October 30.

Ordinary clean is no longer enough for our clothes. . .
. . . It has to be 3D Deep Clean by Ariel

This is Mix signing out!

Check out the video I took and some of the pictures below.

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