The event was crazy beautiful. Lots of adoring fans, crying, screaming, shrieking and just plain going bananas whenever a video of Mario plays on the screen. Young teenage girls, boys and older women were there and it was an amazing experience. 
My Mario day started with me getting off the cab and seeing this long line of people under the heat of the sun. All in line just to go in to the PICC. Not sure if there were tickets being given out but some of them seem to have a few tickets with them.
Went up, signed up as a media then BAM! Spotted the beautiful Solenn and I just couldn't resist not taking a picture of her. Beautiful eh? :)
The organizer gathered the media people, fellow friends, bloggers, magazines etc. We grabbed a few bites and headed to the actual hall.
Upon arriving at the actual place, I immediately saw the stage. It was simple and nice. looks great from a far and better at the front.
 The crowd was anxious and just couldn't stay put on their seats.
Upper right pic. Rod from Below (pic on left) are Az from and John from on the right is the Brand Director for Penshoppe Mr. Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza also revealed that with their recent endorsers, they also have a new concept store in Mall of Asia which just opened recently and new logo. I feel that Penshoppe is ready for the world :)

Blush gave us a few numbers. Fans were also excited to see them life and perform.

VJ Utt then came in and guided us on the history of Penshoppe.

 He then introduced Mikael Daez, Victor Basa and Solenn onstage for a few words.
Victor Basa, Solenn Heusaff  and Mikael Daez
Utt, giving out info on Penshoppe, on Mario and how Penshoppe started.

Utt, hanging out and looking for Mario fans to talk to.

Then the event started. It started with something like this... (Screams were all over the place..)
Then this.. screams grow louder...

Then there you go... I couldn't hear my self anymore ... :) Check out the pictures below...

Mario was then interviewed by Joyce Ramirez from Publicity Asia and asked a few questions about what he was feeling when he saw all the fans that attended the fan conference and what he thinks of Penshoppe. Joyce from Publicity Asia is the same one who brought ED WESTWICK here in the Philippines as Penshoppe endorser.

(any ladies out there still having a hang-over from Mario? Hang on ladies, more pictures to come :) )

As Utt and Mario were looking for 10 lucky fans to join into the stage, I just couldn't take my eyes of Solenn that time. She was fooling around with Penshoppe paper bag to get noticed. Really funny and cute.
Spotted David Halili and Katherine Chot.
(L) Solenn, with Mikael and Joyce Ramirez from Publicity Asia  (R) another Solenn Pic. :p

Well too bad the darn flash had to be so bright but hey, this was ok. :) People can still see Solenn and Me.
After the event, Blush came out and gave out wrist band. and yeap.. I do like the Korean girl there named Lee Jihae from South Korea
Angeli Flores (Philippines), Victoria Chan (China) , Lee Jihae ( South Korea), Alisha Budhrani (India) and Natsuko Danjo (Japan)
Then that was it... whew.. My ears were still ringing a bit and was kind of tired. Came back to the holding area for the 1 on one interview with the media. Spotted Megan Young there. Probably one of the correspondents who shall be interviewing Maurer.

Then all of a sudden, Mario busts in and was kind of off-guard. All I managed to do was click the cam then snap!!!  there we go. A side view of Mario's white face. It may not be good enough for me, but this might be good enough for the fans. :)

Penshoppe is really making waves in the apparel and fashion category. I gotta say, as a guy who is into a bit of fashion, Penshoppe is definitely stepping up. Coming up with trending clothes and awesome selections with awesome prices that doesn't hit the pockets is definitely great. I look for more style and selections from this brand. I guess this is a good time to change brands now. :) 

2012 for me will definitely by my Penshoppe year. :)

This is Mix signing out!

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