Time is gold as they say. In this case, it really is. It is also your life. What if you wake up and suddenly the currency that you use to buy things is a portion if life? You buy things subtracting your existence in life may be insane in thinking that this would happen in our near future but not impossible i guess. :) If it did, this world would be oh so twisted! LOL

The trailer shows a lot of promise and has definitely got me interested in this cool concept of life and money.
Movie starts when Will (justin timberlake) wakes up and we see a countdown timer on his arm showing less than a day to live.The next scene is Will's mother, a disturbingly young hot looking woman played by Olivia Wilde. You might wonder at first, but in the movie, people stop aging at the age 25. (if I am not mistaken) and also starts the countdown timer of their life.

The setting is somewhat somewhere in the future but not really. People still walked, used convertible cars, nobody is flying and nothing or no one even care to find a way around it. It makes me think of the whole science behind the story. But I guess the writer/director didn't bother to focus on. Justin and Amanda's performance was so so. It was average, but I do think that they could have deepened the characters of the movie. I felt that they could do more to the movie. The two stars are kind of like the soft spot on the movie.

For Justin's character, although he is supposed to be a ghetto striver, he wasn't able to demonstrate real grit. Even Seyfried as the heires who was was seduced and kidnapped. She was kind of like a helpless girl in all the confusion. The urgency of the two was not that visible even when they are a few minutes and seconds from dying. Don't get me wrong, I like the movie, there were some interesting things around it. The writer and director Andrew Niccol had good ideas which i wished that he have thought of a little more. I was hoping that he would take advantage of the opportunity in the social and political aspects of the story. But the movie did have some provocative scenes and some amusing wordplay. 

It just makes me wonder that even if they look around 25 years old, they all look slim and attractive, and dresses well. Are the clothes free? or maybe everyone can afford to spend a few minutes on some good looking clothes. :) But then again, hmmm maybe it's just me.

Over all, the concept, the Bonnie&Clyde styled characters, a few action scenes and good cinematography kept me glued to the screen. I was waiting for something from Amanda, but I was misled i guess. :)

I am a guy who appreciates good concept and somehow understand why some would put up a movie this way. and also because of Amanda Seyfriend. I give the movie

This is Mix signing out!

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