How to be a Horrible PR / Publicist.

Even been so mistreated and offended by a PR? Let me tell you a story.

Ok, so I was invited by a dear friend Marvin a cast from the Show's ensemble to watch their play. Marvin Gayramon, a good friend and a member of the cast and Karla a friend I met onlinewhile I was promoting the show months back made it possible for me to get 2tickets to cover and review the event. Excited as I was to support the whole production, things changed at an unexpected turn.

When I arrived there to claim my tickets, I was greeted with a bad reception for a certain 'guy'. I was welcomed not with a 'Hi' but with a 'what do youwant' look on his face and tone. The said 'guy' just threw in questions like "Who are you? What media ?What blog Blah blah - and you're not on the list." then "Just write your name". "I am the publicists/PR and I don't have you on my bloggers / media list." (rude? Just you wait)

From numerous events and concerts/shows I've been to / invited to, never have I been treated so bad and looked downed upon, until last night. But wait, there's more. After judgmental beating, I received my ticket and program from the cold host. I kindly asked and said "Sir, I think I was allotted 2 tickets by Karla and Marvin." The reply I got? "Wala Na, nagkakaubusan Na"stunned as I was.. One, because of the response and reason that I got. Two, my fiancé is on the way. Three, what the hell?.

I went back to my little group of fellow friends thatMarvin invited and told them what happened. Then they themselves shared to me thesame icy and rude treatment they received from the 'guy". Troy came, and heard my story.He called up Marvin and gave him a run down on the situation, Marvin thenreiterated that I was assigned two. After making the call, the 'publicist' waved / used his hand for a 'come here' motion. (am I like a waiter, a house boyor a clerk something?)

Then there I was at his almighty table/reception desk.Then Troy followed. (I gave my ticket, I assumed he called me to issue me 2tickets. )

In a louder voice "blahblahblah.... I don't know you... I am the PRhere....I don't have you on my list.... Blahblahblah ... I don't even know yourblog.... How do I know if you're really a blogger... Leave your name... leaveyour numer.... Why did you have to call someone.... I am the publicist of thisshow... There are some gate crasher whojust wants to watch and not write about the show......I dont have you on mylist...You might be a PSEUDO-BLOGGER..." then that was it...

It gets intense to the point that he was shouting and I,surprisingly calm managed my voice and responded calmly but with a louder one. People startedstaring, people from his side started paying attention and listened...

I left my ticket, I left my programme at his godly deskand walked away...I didn't need that.

And headed back to my little group. Troy then retrieved myticket and programme back and we in our small group chatted about it. Later didTroy found out that there was only one ticket issued (again) .

Troy went back to the godly table and after a minute or two, came back with2 tickets. I found out later that when Troy went back to get the tickets he wasasked by this 'guy'.

'why are you doing this for him?' Troy then replied... 'because he's my friend' then theguy handed the tickets. i was touched and moved at how Troy answered the godlyPR. It maybe simple but the 'guy' probably wondered how it would feel like to have afriend like that.

I am not here to badmouth the 'guy', good thing that my blog is a personal blog and that Ihave this iRant page. I am just sharing my experience last night on how thePR/Publicist handled the guest of the casts.

It was a new experience for me, rudest that I haveencountered so far. There wasn't any acceptable reason that he might have thatcould ever exempt him from acting that way. Not even sure if he's aware of any social code of conduct. PR or public relations certainly had a different meaning for him. Maybe the title said PR but had a different job description.

Wouldn't hurt to understand and read Mr. almighty PR.
  • - Not every blogger is a gate crasher.
  • - Try to be nice, meaning dont be rude.
  • - PR/publicist will not always know everyone. everyguest, every media.
  • - In dealing with civilized people, Try to be one.
  • - You can boss around your workmates but don't boss around your guests. Not just because you are the PR or publicist, you can ignore and look down at guest/bloggers/media.
  • - Not everyone is there to get a free show out of you.
  • - Did I mention already? Don't be rude.
  • - more to come......

I can go on and on, but I have to attend an event... I mean I have to gatecrash an event and take advantage of the free show because I am a pseudo-blogger.

Oh, by the way, Mr. almighty PR, do check the programme's acknowlegement page. Look for 'Myke Soon' and check out my previous posts of Ang Bagong Harana below.

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Just in case my readers are wondering who is this person, I'm sorry because I will not divulge that the PR / publicist's name is Toots Tolentino.

This is your pseudo blogger Mix signing out.

... post to be updated soon..

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