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I recently attended an event of Toblerone thanking our Global Pinoy and also inserach for the most outstanding global Filipino workers. The event was held at the 2nd floor of Duty Free Philippines. Paranaque City.

The Toblerone 'Thank You, Global Pinoy' is an initiative that seeks to search for the most outstanding global Filipino workers who deserve the gratitude not only of their loved ones; but also of the nation as a whole. The Commission of Filipinos Overseas, Duty Free Philippines, Good News Pilipinas. Kraft Asia and Toblerone are leading this initiative by announcing the opening of nominations for the first Thank You Global Pinoy Awards.

Upon arriving at the place, it was already packed with people, all there for one reason, to pay homage to our modern day heroes. They might not carry a pen nor a sword to fight a revolution, but these global Pinoy that we often neglect and often unacknowledged, has their sacrifice no less valiant. Carrying only a dream for his familiy.

So how do you say ‘thank you’ to a hero? How do you give back to the 11 million overseas Filipino workers who have 17 billion USD in remittances and a 12% in GDP on their shoulders and who are sustaining our nation? We say thank you by acknowledging their sacrifice and hard earn efforts to sustain not only their families but also our country.

That is why the “thank you chocolate” Toblerone (Kraft Asia) and  Duty Free Philippines has come up with an initiative called Thank You Global Pinoy Awards where they will invite nominations of outstanding overseas Filipino workers who deserve to be thanked. Participants will have to log on to to register, nominate and vote for the ultimate Global Pinoy. The top 10 stories will be awarded in January 2012.

More pictures of the event below.
True Faith Band giving us some Thank You Jams! Nice seeing you again Medwin and Andy!

Way back in 2007, Toblerone challenged a Reader’s Digest poll that ranked Manila as one of the least courteous cities in the world, by staging the Philippines’ first ever “National Thank You Day” on October 20, 2007. Two years later, Toblerone elevated personal gratitude to a social exercise that involved the whole country with “The Thank You Day Awards.” Here, a grateful nation paid tribute to public Filipino figures Manny Pacquiao, Francis Magalona, Dolphy, Daniel Razon and Cory Aquino. 

And now, together with the Thank You Global Pinoy Awards, the Swiss chocolate brand will be launching the Special Rewards Passport. The passport can be used to redeem gifts from partner establishments every time users do their shopping or go on vacation. Through this promo, Toblerone shows its appreciation to Global Pinoys by not only recognizing their efforts online, but also giving them a pasalubong that they can enjoy with their family. 

 More pics here and check out the slide show below.

So be part of a grateful nation. Join the rest of the country as it honors the ultimate global pinoy whom a grateful nation will say a resounding thank you to. For more information, visit .

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