CONTEST!!!: Mix and Western Union's Your World Challenge


Contest ALERT!! Contest ALERT!! Contest ALERT!!

Are you the world’s most globally networked individual? 
Western Union launches Network Challenge to mark its 160th Anniversary 

One of the world’s most globally connected companies, Western Union, is celebrating its 160th anniversary by launching a hunt for the most networked person in the world. With 470,000 locations in 200 countries and territories, Western Union has an enormous global presence. 

To celebrate this unique status, Western Union is calling for the Philippines’ most globally connected individuals to step forward and take the Western Union Network Challenge at and with the Western Union is also giving away a prize!!!

Steps are easy, Here's what you need to do to qualify. Just visit
click 'Continue'
click "I agree"
Then click 'Login with Facebook'
Simple right? after that, your personalized network graphic with your friends on Facebook.

And once you have that... don't forget to click the 'Post to Facebook' on the upper right screen.

Take a screen shot of it, upload it on my Facebook page and voila!!! you're all set!!! You may also tweet me to let me know that you already uploaded your screen shot to my page
Along with the screen shot, answer this question. 

What are the 3 pages / section of
A: Our________, Our ________, _________ World,

Entries will be raffled off then 1 will emerge the winner of 2,000 worth of SM SODEXHO certificates!!!! 
Sodexho is widely accepted in numerous stores around the country. Yes indeed! :)

Deadline for submission of entries shall be on September 8, 2011 at exactly 3 PM. Enough time for you to try it out. :) Hurry now, and don't take too long. :) 

Results shall be published on September 10 on my blog. :)

This is Mix signing out!

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