The Smurfs: Movie Review

I was able to attend the movie premier of the movie. Special thanks to Columbia Pictures Philippines and Sony Pictures Animation for the SMURFTASTIC invite. Now where do I start? First it is in 3d which I don't really know why it should be, like paying extra for something I don't need, but then again, I am not sure if The Smurfs 3D is good or is everyone making better 3D movies nowadays. But I did had a bit of fun experiencing some cool 3D effects on some selected scenes. 
The movie was straightforward. Gargamel played by Hank Azaria is the evil wizard in Smurfville is in pursuit to catch all smurfs and extracting their essence. While in a chase, they accidentally fell into a portal and transported them to Central Park New York. Papa Smurf (Jonathan Winters), Smurfette (Katy Perry), and their magical blue-skinned fellows now on the run as the bulbous-nosed sorcerer Gargamel and his pet cat Azrael in hot pursuit. Which then ends up with Neil Patrick Harris's character  Patrick and Grace Winslow which is played by Jayma Mays.  But the Smurfs had to get back to their village before Gargamel can catch up with them. 
It is like fish out of the bowl Enchanted-y type where fantasy meets modern scenarios.The only thing that is a bit "Smurfaannoying" is how the word 'Smurf' can easily replace any noun, adjective and adverb. Although it was mentioned there, i find it a bit amusing and a bit irritating. But i gotta say, their work song/tune sure is catchy. 

Raja Gosnell's direction was done in a way like, his Scooby-Doo films. The CG-live action thingy with a bit of jokiness for the Smurfs. The one part that was bearable and funny was the Azrael, the CGI cat. The cat was flying around, being kicked and thrown. This definitely saved them a lot of lawsuits. The scene with the hairball / cat vomit scene and some cat wit and cat snickering was just funny. It definitely made me laugh.  Neil did a good job being the guy who happens to be Smurf's liaison. Although i can't shake off some Barney acting (How I Met Your Mother character). Hank Azaria, should receive a good mention for his portrayal on Gargamel. I gotta say, Gargamel did make me laugh on some scene.
It wasn't a nightmare, for it was light and bearable, the young ones will surely enjoy it. I am sure the producers and director was able to achieve their intention for it to be for the kids. Aside from all the mushiness and cheesiness of the film, it's not far that this movie would be spawning sequels. Kids must be happy. :)
I give it I give it 3 out of 5.

Probably around 4 popcorns if kids will rate it.

Over-all, it's a good family movie and your kids and family will sure enjoy it.

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THE SMURFS in 3D movie will be shown on all your favorite cinemas starting August 10.

Check out the trailer below.

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