X-Men First Class Movie Review

 I was hesitant at first. To watch it. I felt it wasn't going to live up to the level the first few xmen movie franchises. With a lot of fresh new faces versus the all star cast of the Xmen trilogy who would expect right?

http://cdn.screenrant.com/wp-content/uploads/X-Men-First-Class-Trailer-40-Logo.jpgStill i went to the special screening and invited my best bud Thom. I got the tickets from Nuffnang and happy toothpaste and watched at greenbelt 3.. Thanks for the awesome pass guys!

I prepared myself to be nonchalant, and practicing my reaction lines. " it wasn't bad" " it was ok" "it was uhhmm nice"
Then credits rolled up, the movie was starting. From the title itself, i got that this was how the xmen group started the history and stuff. But here are a few things I didn't know the movie had.
  • how prof X got paralized
  • how magneto got his helmet
  • how beast became, uhhhmmm beast.
  • history of mystic
  • Hot hot Emma Frost
  • Hank coming up with cerebro and blackbird
  • How Magneto met Prof. X
  • Havoc's recruitment. I'm trying to connect it to the wolverine's movie with cyclops cameo. Maybe there's none? But since they are brothers, there should be a hint somewhere.
  • Yes, wolverine was also in the movie being recruited by magneto and prof x. And was told to fuck off. Haha
And a whole other stuffs.

With those facts given, it's nice that the writers and director was able to keep people's interest in the movie, and yeah, I guess I liked it.. In fact loved it. Fresh take on the X-Men and Marvel. I just love it how they start to figure our their powers and to really know the history of the X-Men characters.

I give it 4 out of 5.

For it's great story and direction. Not to mention, the awesomeness of their powers, the action, the drama... and oh yeah, Emma Frost. :)

few thumbnails and trailer after the jump

Marvel Mix signing out!

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