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Who We Are

Have you ever wanted to take control of your future?
Take ControlI mean really seize the opportunity to eliminate the worry about your success or failure, your finances, your family's well-being. To know that you can get out of debt; to not have to worry about your next house or car payment; to know that you can secure a life — and financial freedom — only afforded to the elite few?



What if you could profit from a product that...
  • is enjoyed by more than half the population of the world,
  • is the most consumed beverage in the world behind water, and
  • is a $60 BILLION global industry?

Would that interest you? Well...

  • this product is the largest traded commodity in the world, second only to oil,
  • the health benefits are studied and documented,
  • and more than 400 million 'cups' of this product are consumed daily — and that's just in the U.S. alone!

It's Coffee
Still interested in the potential? This amazing product is coffee. And chances are you've had a cup or two (or more!) already today. And if you haven't, you definitely know someone that has. That's why we want you to be a part of this incredible opportunity by Reserve Your Cup today.
And we promise you, this isn't your average cup o' joe! This is coffee...evolved! An innovative and unique formulation that harnesses the power that coffee already offers — the health benefits, the antioxidants, the pick-me-up, and of course the flavor — and we have given it an extra 'edge' by infusing a proprietary blend of estate grown coffee with powerful nutrients that help provide you with extra energy, and support alertness and memory (it may even help you lose weight!). And this is just the beginning...
Reseerve Your CupThis product tastes so good and provides such incredible benefits, it will start replacing what you normally buy and what everyone else buys! That's the potential! A high impact product means an unequaled financial opportunity!
Reserve Your Cup today and you can begin to profit from half the population of the world that will soon be making their cup, your cup!

To those who registered already.. Get Ready, Set, GROW!
Use the long holiday weekend to fully charge your battery, because starting 11 am EST June 1st, Javita is making history with the biggest, most exciting launch in this industry.

Set your alarm, turn your phone to vibrate and make sure you’ve got an internet connection, because starting 11 am EST June 1st you’ll be able to activate your Javita account, place your first Join order and start earning bonuses and commissions IMMEDIATELY!

As a current Reserve Your Cup member, you’ll login into your personal Reserve Your Cup website and click on the “activate” button. From there, you’ll be prompted to enter some additional information, select your Join pack, set up your website and become a part of the newest, most exciting opportunity in the industry. And since your personal Reserve Your Cup URL will not automatically transfer to your personal website, the sooner you activate, the better your chances for securing your desired URL.

As we prepare for the flurry of activity, orders and excitement on launch day, all orders placed on the 1st will be shipped beginning June 2nd, We’ll be busy assembling our Member Kits, product orders, sample sleeves—and of course, our Javita‐branded coffee tumblers—and getting them ready for shipment on the 2nd. 

We want congratulate you on being a visionary—for recognizing an explosive business opportunity like Javita when it was in its early stages and reaping the financial rewards of being in the right place and the right time.
Together we will “evolutionize” the coffee industry to become the premier company in the direct selling distribution channel.

Javita is coming and we mean business!!

So signup now! click here or visit

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