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Toys for Dads at Alphaland. A Father's Day event

By June 20, 2011 , ,

Nope, I am not a father. I am sure if it. :) and did we celebrate it with dad? a little i guess. Just at home, rested on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Had a pizza delivered at home.  Simple, but together. So you wonder what's with the bumper to bumper title? It happened the day before Father's Day.

This mall right in the Magallanes Station EDSA is called Alphaland Southgate. Yeah, the one with the big LED billboard. They have this event Called TOYS FOR DADS. A Father's Day car show. Partnership with B2Bcarshow and Repsol.

Never really attended a car show before, and often times i keep on missing these kinds of events. Well you know what goes with cars, the babes. Apparently, they go together... Hmmmm....

The car show isn't that big given that the place is small. But the cars displayed there was definitely awesome. Anyways, check out the pics after the break.





For more updates and info on Bumper to Bumper. visit their Website at

Check out more pictures here. or click the link below.

I heard that the orange car is worth 4 Million Pesos on  upgrades... sick right?? The girls  i will post soon. :) hehe the girls Angel Malit, Jahziel Manabat, Gwyneth Cerdiwen.

Mix signing out!

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