Two Much in Love concert part 2

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Freestyle's set ended with awesome medley numbers and then it was done. The place went dark, the band got off the stage and then enter Prima Diva Billy, first i though a comedian but then she opened her mouth and i was in awe. Sang "Bukas Nalang Kita Mamahalin" so close to Lani Misalucha's version. Again, close your eyes and you'd see Lani. Next she sang "Loving You", "Listen" and "I Surrender"  (hope i got the titles right). She was damn pretty good. I am not a fan of girl songs but know a good voice if i hear one, and this billy has it.
Billy is a talent of Jobert Sucaldito. Jobert found him performing in The Library and he became an instant fan, they met the next day, and the rest is history. Billy was singing in the range of Lani and even whistling like her. It was effortless for billy as she glided to the highest note of the songs.

After her, Cris Tsuper and Nicole Hyala came out to entertain the crowd.

saw this bisaya guy who does the "tu-too-toot" on the radio
can't make up Nicole's outfit.. can somebody enlighten me?
There was a raffle, and she was the lucky winner of a food franchise cart.
After a few bring me games, and giving out of prizes, we were ready for it.. yes. ready for SIDE A!!!!

Joey Generoso's voice never changed as well as the music. Side A still has it.
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Night was awesome, SIDE A classics were the best, you can feel the room chant every word of their songs. Timeless classics indeed. Now i have to rent Joey G to sing at our wedding, I hope he doesn't charge too high :)

I have the video, I will post is soon. You'll see how the crowd went wild as they sing two of their most loved songs.

This is Nix and Mix signing out!

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