Two Much in Love concert part 1


Attended a concert of SIDE A and FREESTYLE with Nix at Metro Concert bar last week. Man was the show something.

Arrived late at around 10pm and Freestyle was already singing their set. The place was packed and it was really hard to look for a place to settle down. Most tables had reserved placards on them, so i am guessing that was not us. After a few minutes of going around, talking to some people... aka ninja skills (bribing skills) we got a table. oh yes, smack in the middle with awesome seats. LOL

I had fun with Nix since it's been a while since we've gone out to enjoy these types of shows. not to mention that the ticket was worth P 2,000 and was given for free. I myself couldn't stop taking pictures and almost forgot that this was not a blog event but a show meant for us to enjoy. but still, with the good seats, it's hard not to pass the moment of me not taking a few shots. :) so i did.

 So what's with the hats? :) (Joshua Desiderio and Mike Luis)

Jinky Vidal looking good on stage.

Here are some of the songs they sung.
Half Crazy, Baket Ngayon Ka Lang, New York / Pilipinas mash up, Billie Jean, Don't stop till you get enough, Beat it, Time of My Life, Put your hands in the Air, California Girls, Tiktok, Dynamite DJ got us fallin and other earlier songs that we missed.

It's been a while since i listened to Freestyle, I think i stopped when Tops Suzara left the group, then listened again when the song "Half Crazy" went crazy on the air. But listening to Mike Luis raping the medley songs of The great Michel Jackson, man.. it was amazing.. He sang a medley of .Billie Jean, Don't stop till you get enough, and Beat it. Close your eyes and it sounds like the King of Pop himself. That small guy has some pipe in him. now, all he needs is the moves and some glittering socks and gloves.

Joshua Desiderio was also good, all this time, one of his signature i think is his huskie voice and almost-popping vein in the neck. The songs he sang we also not easy. He has definitely grown from when he just started with freestyle.

 The place was definitely packed.

Check out the album here

will post Part 2 of the night soon.

Mix signing out!

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