CUCINA VICTORIA. Pasta and more!


Finally, i am able to write about this and post this, this is long overdued :) anyways,

It has been a tradition for me and my half (Nix) to dine outside every 10th and 30th of the month, and ofcourse other last minute inserts on the side. It has always been a mission and a challenge for us to try different food outlets, we try to drift away from the usual resto's and fast food and somehow try new ones, at least new to us.

In this case, we decided to go to Rockwell Power Plant Mall. We don't know much of the food there, the area and the food outlets on it's perimeter but to every hungry man there is also a hungry woman, so we decided to tale a stroll on the floor where the food is mostly at. After a few minutes, we set our eyes on "CUCINA VICTORIA Pasta and More..." 


We chose a nice place in the left as you enter, on this spot, you get to dine with a good looking person infront of you. he he he.

The place had nice interiors and cute items and picture frams that adds accent to the room.

The place wasn't crowded given that we arrived the place at dinner time. Below is a bad Pano of the area. (bad coz i'm lazy to clean it up) :) hehe
and now the food. First up...

PINOY PIZZA  P 270.00 plus 10% service charge
Kesong Puti (white cheese) tomatoes, onions and small meats. The crust's thickness was just right and perfect for the size of the pizza. put some Tabasco hot sauce in it and you're ready to go. :)

Next is the 
BRUSCHETTA P 235.00  plus 10% service charge
I'm not much of a fan of Bruschetta but the melted cheese, mushrooms, some unidentified pork/meat/chicken in it made the whole Bruschetta experience awesome. Again, put some hot sauce


and pasta
GAMBO VERDE P 390.00 plus 10% service charge
seafood pesto pasta in white sauce .


I know i know we kinda had two pizza with us because of the Bruschetta but it was actually good. It may look a few to some of you, but it was actually a lot, a little heavy also in the tummy. We did save some room for desserts.

We ordered the
MANGO PANACOTA P 215.00 plus 10% service charge

That was the evening and i look forward to our next food adventure. I hope you guys loved the food as i did get hungry just by writing this post. :)

Pinoy Pizza       P 270.00
Bruschetta       P 235.00
Gambo Verde    P 390.00
Panacota         P 215.00   
Sub Total       P 1,110.00
SC 10%               99.11    
TOTAL           P 1,209.11

I know i am not authorized to rate, but hey it is my blog. :)
FOOD 3.5/5
PRICE   4/5

for questions and suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach me at more pics below!

This is your lazy blogger mix signing out!


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  1. Thank you for posting about Cucina Victoria!

  2. Thank you for posting about Cucina Victoria!

  3. No Problem Lorenzo! Hope to come back to your place again soon!

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