One very nice easy Sunday, after going to church at bread of life in Crossroad, Quezon City. Me and Nix first decided to go to Mr. Kabab in West Avenue, but at the last minute I decided to re-visit UP-Ayala Techno Hub. And that if ever nix still wants the kabab, there's also one there in UPATH. (pronounced as uwpath! my own slang - it sucks i know)

Upon arriving there, there are a few stores and restos there like Mikedee's Restaurant and bar, Flapjacks, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Cafe Breton, Razon's, Leching tea house, Switch (apple store), Timezone, The Old Spaghetti House, Bench Fix, National Bookstore, Mercury Drug, Yellow Cab, Figaro and many others and of course Kanin Club.

I found out that there were actually 4 owners of Kanin Club.
Husband and Wife and also Mr. Anthony Mendoza and Ms. Emily Mendoza who already owns a Fillipino restaurant called Gabino's and other quarter of the owners Mr. Tony Cancho and  Ms. Mariella Luna who both has their own restaurant known as Cafe Breton. The owners believe that there is really a market for really good Filipino food. There have been good reviews and achievements of the Kanin Club which i will let you find out for yourselves.

We arrived the Kanin Club in UPATH (i insist)around 1345H, we were greeted with a lot of guests, waiting. we we're no. 4 on the list.

After a few minutes of waiting and snapping a few pictures, we gave our orders to the waiter and a few moments after that, it was our turn and we were able to get a really good corner. we ordered.... wait, i'll come to that later.
Interior wasn't bad, the touch of paintings and some art works on the wall makes you feel homey and so Filipino. Painting weren't that good looking but it was decent. I don't know if they sell the artworks or what.

After snapping a few more our orders came.

Squid in Salt and Pepper   - P 224.00
Ensaladang Mannga          - P 172.00
Caldereta Nueva               - P 284.00
Sinangag na Sinigang Rice  - P 224.00
and a big ass Calamansi Juice - P 76.00

Over all the experience was 8.5 out of 10. Food was great, with the ambiance and food, it gave me a good feel of home cooked Filipino food, i remember the times during fiestas in the provinces. The only thing that ruined it for me is the service, people were attentive at first, but in the middle towards the end they weren't anymore. It was hard for me to request tap water, to get the bill, the change, the take out. but besides those things, the food experience was great. But hey, I gotta say The food was good, surprisingly! it was very Filipino and was definitely good. I love the food and the concepts behind it. On most reviews, one of their best sellers is the Crispy Dinuguan that we didn't have the chance to eat. Which i will definitely order when we get back there, and yes, we will go back to Kanin Club.

Total Damage: 
Food Total       980.00
Service Charge:  43.75
                P 1023.75
Not bad. I guess? But i guess it was okay, we manage to have some leftovers which we took home.

I'm a fan of eating, i love food and trying out new food. But i also look forward in the 'package' of their takeouts. I know i know, it entails costs and everything but hey, i feel good when i carry a really good brand with a really good take out right?

Anyways, below are branches and contact numbers of the Kanin Club. Check them out on Facebook. 

This is Mix signing out!

Paseo de Sta. Rosa T:(049)544-0332


Weekends, Holidays: 11am-10pm

Westgate, Alabang
Weekends, Holidays:

Daily: 11am-10pm

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