Easy Sunday with Techno Hub, Kanin Club, Timezone and Red Mango.


This is the same day with my post on Kanin Club check this link

After eating, we decided to fool around on the area a bit, take some weird and random pics, with some random poses.

I like the shot with the cat in it. :) went around some more and hanged out at Timezone
Sang a couple of songs, hit a couple of hoops, shot a couple of goals at air hockey, paid 25 pesos for a 4 minute massage chair, fired a couple of time crisis guns and DJ's a couple of jams in the DJ Max. We had fun, yes we did. 

Next stop, Trinoma for a great movie experience. But luck wasn't on our side... The Movies showing that time sucked...So we just decided to grab a coffee before heading home. Red Mango caught our attention as their place wasn't crowded at that time, and so we did pleasure ourselves with our own yogurt fixes.

Nix got a Green tea with blueberry and cheesecake

while i had my very own regular with mangoes, blueberry and crushed graham.

As we were quietly eating our own orders...Someone saw us. Yes...
Our very own, K. The gossip boy and good friend Mr. Keith Francisco Serrano, spotted us and joined us.
Here's Gossip Boy sporting a new hairdo
After a few minutes of chatting, we went home. Thanks for joining us and spotting us Gossip Boy, we missed you.  Now go get us some juicy bits! ok?! till then!


Mix signing out!

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