My Nth Pizza Hut Bistro experience - not so good

Well today i had lunch at a nearby mall from my office with Nix. After debating from a lot of choices of restaurants from Pho Hoa, French baker, Mann Hann, Avenetto, to Sbarro, we just decided and settle for Pizza Hut Bistro, aside from the fact that they serve few and not so good of a service, i thought that they might have changed from the 10-15 times that i was there.

We came in, looked for a good spot and sat down.

*personal notes to consider in eating in a restaurant
1. ambiance. - enough said.
2. crew. - they somehow should at least smile or have the courtesy to acknowledge their incoming guest.
3. seat. - you should be comfortably seated on your chosen seat, it shouldn't be too hot or too cold. lighting is also something to consider.
4. pet peeve is wiggling chairs and tables. especially the damn uneven tables. and guess  what? yes, PH Bistro has those too!
5. things. - plates, glasses, utensils, tissues etc. should be clean, no grease and no smudge.
6. Service. - they should be fast and efficient. 

lets just say that out of the six that i mention, i have comments on each note against PH.

We sat down. i immediately asked for their service water with ice, then the lady who ushered us in our seats gave a "mid-raising hand sign* which tells me to wait a minutes or for all i know the hand sign means, WAIT THE FCUK. 

After 3 minutes of thinking what to order, we waited for like another 4 minutes just to have our orders taken. Funny, when i was young, i used to remember Pizza Hut as a very customer friendly store, waiters ready to take your orders, and you wouldn't have to wave your hand like calling for a cab or calling someone at the airport.

Some guy name mac or something took our orders using a piece of paper (receipt) from the next table and took our orders. The service water came after 3 minutes from our order, upon looking at it, it looks refreshing, ice cold, glass all sweaty and dripping, BUT WAIT. before you guys ever think of drinking that, make sure to check the glass for marks, smudges, left over food, soap etc. i had to wipe the glass's mouth with my tissue and there it revealed a brownish type of color from the edge of the mouth into my tissue.

To make this short. i asked the waiter to change the damn glass. table wiggled. i wiggled it hard, and intentionally spilled the glass, i stood up and moved to another table followed by nix. And with that, my pre-lunch is ruined by the uncomfortable elements that is all in PH.

Nix was kind enough to bear with me as she knows how i am with these situations, anyway....   they gave  us complimentary breadsticks.(left over i think). After 10 hungry minutes, paella came, tasted nice. after eating the paella, waited for another 8 minutes to be exact before the Lasagna came. It tasted nice also. waved the hell out of my arms just to get a refill of our water. which took estimate of 2 minutes. Our total time of eating took us about 10 minutes, tops!  our conversations included in it.

After eating, getting the bill took us around 3 minutes waving to get and took them 8 minutes for them to return the change, but there were like 9-11 people on the floor not properly assigned.

Now correct me if my math is wrong but that's like a whopping 30 minutes in total! in which parts of that half hour im never getting back.

oh well, here's what i have to say.... 

1. if you are undermanned - get people! You know that it's rush hour. Don't let your  service suffer with your cost saving trick.
2. serve with a smile - smiling wouldn't hurt and doesn't cost you. NOT smiling just cost you one loyal customer.
3. go the extra mile-extra service. - going beyond the expectation wouldn't hurt either.
4. Service and speed. 
5. always pay attention to details and over deliver.

You are a well known Pizza Company not just locally but international as well, and you have a branch here in the biggest mall in the Philippines if not, one of the biggest mall in Asia, i suggest, keep up.

From your AD. Quality, personalized service at a reasonable price. 

Reasonable price i agree, and i say .... you get what you pay for.

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