Hi mom, Lady Gaga said TAP her

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This Morning, over breakfast, i taught mom to play the TAP TAP version of Lady Gaga, and don't ask me why i have it in my apps ok? Today is days after I thought her to use yahoo mail, Facebook (chat, wall and comments function) and You Tube.

anyways, i was kinda surprised how she was able to handle it. she caught up with the beat, and slowly improved her rhythm of the song, of course i had to instruct her first on what was the concept of the game. Amazed as i was, she got 87% accuracy. not bad for a first time user. It was fun and she had fun, that's whats important.

I thought, hey, the line "can't teach an old dog new tricks" is not quite true, (not that im saying that she is an old dog or anything), i'm just saying is that you need patience in teaching them or introducing them things like the world wide web, gadgets and everything, and with that, you'll see how happy you are when you see how happy they are with what you taught them.


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