OMODA Philippines Unveils the O-Universe and Next-Generation Crossovers at Fashion Night

OMODA Philippines launched the O-Universe, its global consumer ecosystem, with a Fashion Night event. The event introduced the OMODA 5 and OMODA 5 EV, stylish and futuristic crossovers designed for young Filipino pioneers.
OMODA & JAECOO, a global automotive brand, has taken the Philippine market by storm with the launch of the OMODA 5 and OMODA 5 EV, two of the most futuristic and fashionable crossover vehicles ever to hit Philippine roads. Following a successful showcase at the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) earlier this year, OMODA & JAECOO solidified their presence with the recent OMODA: Media and Influencer Fashion Night 2024 held at Revel at the Palace in BGC.
This event served as a springboard for the brand, introducing its OMODA ecosystem to young Filipino pioneers. "Our initial showcases are a testament to OMODA & JAECOO's commitment to building a comprehensive brand-product-service ecosystem to meet the needs of Filipino consumers," said Mr. Marco Chen, Country Director of OMODA & JAECOO Motor Philippines Inc.

OMODA: Where Fashion Meets the Future
With a presence in over 20 countries, OMODA boasts a robust sales network and is known for fusing fashion with advanced technology. Designed by a global pool of creative talents, OMODA caters to the stylish and innovative. The OMODA 5 EV, dubbed "The E-Future Ranger," boasts a 61kWh battery and advanced features, while the OMODA 5 embodies futuristic design and a built-in voice command technology.
The Rise of the O-Universe and the First Pinoy OMODERS
Themed "Explore O-Universe," the event launched the brand's consumer ecosystem in the Philippines. The O-Universe is a space where innovators and fashionistas converge, pushing boundaries and exploring self-expression. It's inhabited by a community called OMODERS, who constantly seek to fuse fashion with technology. The Media and Influencer Fashion Night 2024 was a star-studded affair, featuring celebrities, social media personalities, and the press. The event included a street dance battle, a runway challenge, and immersive exhibits showcasing the O-Universe culture.
"We are thrilled to introduce not only the OMODA cars but also the brand's culture and philosophy," said Chen. "The event is a celebration of the arrival of the O-Universe in the Philippines and the emergence of the first Filipino OMODERS."
The OMODA 5 starts under PHP 1.5 million, while the OMODA 5 EV starts under PHP 1.9 million. Showrooms are planned for Taguig, West Visayas, Iloilo, Central Luzon Pampanga, and Clark. Test drive details will be announced soon.

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