OPPO Committed to a Sustainable Future: 2023 Report Highlights Progress

Explore OPPO's 2023 Sustainability Report! Discover their mission for a sustainable future, key initiatives, and achievements in areas like renewable energy, product lifecycle, and social responsibility.
On World Environment Day, global tech leader OPPO unveiled its 2023 Sustainability Report, showcasing progress and outlining their long-term commitment to environmental responsibility. Guided by their mission of "Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World," OPPO prioritizes five key areas for sustainable development:
  • Virtuous Innovation: Developing eco-conscious technology solutions.
  • Environmental Protection: Reducing carbon footprint and promoting resource efficiency.
  • Ecosystem Engagement: Partnering for positive impact across the industry.
  • Operation and Compliance: Ensuring ethical and sustainable business practices.
  • Caring for Employees: Promoting employee well-being and fostering a sustainable work environment.
Striving for Carbon Neutrality
OPPO takes a bold step towards carbon neutrality with a 2050 target for global operations. Significant progress is already underway, including:
  • Reduced CO2 Emissions: 2,819 tons saved annually through solar panels and 8,947 tons through energy-efficient manufacturing.
  • Prioritizing Product Lifecycle: Minimizing plastic packaging and implementing a robust smartphone recycling program (1.1 million devices recycled in China in 2023).
Beyond Green Tech: Social Responsibility
As a responsible global citizen, OPPO actively collaborates with various stakeholders:
  • Community Partnerships: Partnering with communities, governments, NGOs, and research institutions.
  • Philanthropic Efforts: Donating over RMB 23.21 million in 2023 to support environmental protection, youth development, digital inclusion, and health initiatives.
Leading in Innovation for Sustainability
OPPO remains a frontrunner in sustainable technology advancements:
  • Top 10 Global Patent Leader: Ranked 9th for International Patent Treaty (PCT) applications in 2023 (5th consecutive year in the top 10).
  • AI for a Better World: Unveiling their first large language model, AndesGPT, and entering the Era of AI Phone, committed to accessible AI technology.
  • OPPO Inspiration Challenge: Fostering innovation for a healthier planet through challenges like "Inspiration for People" and "Inspiration for the Planet".
Building a Sustainable Future Together
Through continuous innovation and collaboration, OPPO strives to become a leader in sustainable development:
  • Technology for Good: Leveraging technology's power to create a better world.
  • Joint Effort for Success: Working with partners and stakeholders for a collective impact.
Explore the Full Report:
Read the complete 2023 OPPO Sustainability Report for a deeper dive into their initiatives: [https://www.oppo.com/content/dam/oppo/common/mkt/footer/2023-OPPO-Sustainability-Report-CN.pdf] (Note: The link points to the Chinese version of the report. You can search for the English version on OPPO's website).

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