Insta360 GO 3S: Capture Stunning 4K Memories in a Tiny Package

The mighty gets mightier! Capture unforgettable moments in stunning 4K with the Insta360 GO 3S. Explore its incredible features, effortless shooting modes, and creative accessories. Learn more & pre-order yours today!
Insta360 elevates the tiny-but-mighty GO camera series with the introduction of the Insta360 GO 3S. This thumb-sized powerhouse retains the beloved form factor of its predecessor while packing a punch with significant upgrades. Here's what makes the GO 3S the perfect companion for capturing life's adventures:

Unleash Stunning 4K Video
The star of the show is undoubtedly the GO 3S's ability to capture breathtaking 4K video at 30fps. Experience noticeably sharper, clearer, and crisper footage, preserving your precious memories in lifelike detail. The enhanced chip boasts 50% more processing power, and a new wide-angle lens delivers double the number of pixels compared to the 2.7K resolution of the GO 3.

Beyond Resolution: Enhanced Image Quality
The GO 3S boasts improvements beyond resolution:
  • MegaView FOV: Capture a more realistic perspective with reduced distortion and straighter edges.
  • Dolby Vision-Ready: Experience greater dynamic range and enhanced details with this cutting-edge HDR technology.
  • Slow Motion Upgrades: Create ultra-smooth highlight reels with slow-motion options of up to 200fps at 1080p or 100fps at 2.7K.
Effortless Content Creation with Auto Modes and AI Editing
The innovative Interval Video mode lets you capture hands-free footage throughout your day or activity. Simply set the shooting interval and clip length, and the GO 3S automatically powers on and records a series of clips, allowing you to stay present in the moment.

Effortless Editing:
  • Instant App Preview (iOS only): Receive a notification on your phone when shooting is finished, ready for editing with a single tap.
  • Auto Edit Function: Let the Insta360 app's AI automatically combine your clips into an epic montage, perfectly synced to music.
Hands-Free POV & Creative Mounting Options
The GO 3S's lightweight design makes hands-free POV shooting a breeze. Simply wear it on your clothing and forget it's there. It's also discreet, perfect for situations where traditional cameras might be cumbersome. The magnetic body opens up a world of creative mounting possibilities on helmets, handlebars, backpacks, and more.

The Action Pod (unchanged from the GO 3) serves as an all-in-one housing, remote control, and charger. Whether using the camera within the Action Pod or mounted separately, you can preview your shots on the 2.2" flip touchscreen.

Insta360's FlowState Stabilization and Horizon Lock ensure your footage remains smooth and level, from leisurely walks to capturing your pet's adventures.

New and Improved Features:
  • Apple Find My Compatibility: Never lose your camera (and precious footage!) thanks to Apple Find My integration.
  • Easy Switch: Quickly change the aspect ratio by twisting the camera for seamless transitions between horizontal and vertical shooting.
  • Waterproofing to 33ft: Dive deeper with the GO 3S, now waterproof up to 10 meters (compared to 16ft with the GO 3).
  • AI Gesture Control: Control the camera remotely with hand gestures for ultimate convenience when mounted out of reach.
Included Accessories and All-New Quick Reader:
The GO 3S comes with several upgraded accessories for effortless mounting and content creation:
  • Magnet Pendant: Improved heat dissipation for comfortable wear, perfect for first-person views, especially for kids.
  • Easy Clip: Enhanced magnetic strength and compatibility with the Magnet Pendant for customized angles. Clip it on your cap or pet's collar for unique perspectives.
  • Pivot Stand: Now functions on slightly curved surfaces and includes an attachment to keep the cover and base together.
  • Lens Guard: New curved design for optimal image quality.
The innovative Quick Reader allows you to rapidly back up footage to a microSD card while simultaneously charging the camera, freeing up storage and keeping you ready to shoot more. It also enables direct editing on your phone without file downloads.

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