A Journey Through Bordeaux: Unveiling Wines, Terroir, and Delights at Wine Store Manila's Blanc Plate

A Journey Through Bordeaux: Unveiling Wines, Terroir, and Delights at Wine Store Manila's Blanc Plate
Bordeaux Bliss: Unveiling Wines & Pairings at Wine Store Manila's Blanc Plate
Bordeaux wines have always held a certain mystique for me. The rich history, the diverse terroirs, the world-renowned reputation – it all whispered of an experience beyond the ordinary. Recently, Wine Store Manila's (WSM) Blanc Plate offered the perfect chance to unveil this mystery.
"We don't preach wine. Our goal is to make excellent quality wines easily accessible to everyone," says Mike Cairo, Managing Partner of WSM.

Blanc Plate: A Dive into Bordeaux Delights
Tucked away in Maginhawa, Quezon City, WSM champions the philosophy of making great wine accessible. Blanc Plate, their intimate wine tasting event, epitomized this mission. The cozy, 12-seat private dining space provided a warm welcome as we embarked on a journey through Bordeaux with Nathalie Miara, Managing Director at Les Châteaux de Bordeaux.
A World of Flavor: Exploring Bordeaux Wines
Nathalie's insightful conversation painted a vivid picture of the Bordeaux region. Its long winemaking history, unique terroirs, and meticulous practices all contribute to the exceptional quality of these coveted wines. From the prestigious vineyards to the diverse grape varietals, each sip promised a story waiting to be uncorked.
Beyond the Bottle: Discovering Perfect Pairings
The true magic unfolded as the curated wines were presented alongside a delectable 4-course meal prepared by WSM's talented duo, Chef Chester Velas and Kervin de la Cruz. The culinary journey intertwined seamlessly with the wines, showcasing perfect flavor pairings. Each bite – from the refreshing Tuna Tartlet with Pear Salad to the decadent Beef Bourguignon with Green Beans and Pomme Purée – complemented the unique characteristics of the featured wines. A selection of charcuterie and gourmet cheeses added another layer of delight, allowing us to explore the versatility of these complex beverages.
A Night to Remember: Unveiling Bordeaux's Treasures
Wine Store Manila's Blanc Plate wasn't just a tasting event; it was an immersive experience. It was a night of learning, discovery, and pure enjoyment. We left the evening not only with a newfound appreciation for Bordeaux wines but also with the knowledge of how to pair them perfectly for an unforgettable dining experience. 
If you're looking for a unique way to delve into the world of wine, keep an eye out for WSM's future Blanc Plate events. You might just discover your next favorite bottle, along with a whole new appreciation for the magic of Bordeaux!

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