A Collector's Dream: My Experience at the First-Ever Collectors Fest Manila

My experience at the first-ever Collectors Fest Manila, held at the SMX Convention Center. Discover a treasure trove of collectibles, meet renowned artists and connect with a vibrant community of fellow enthusiasts.

The first-ever Collectors Fest Manila was a dream come true for enthusiasts like myself. Held at the SMX Convention Center Manila last April 27-28, 2024, the event was a haven for collectors of all kinds, bringing together a vibrant community under one roof.
As a passionate collector of art toy pieces (especially local designers), I couldn't wait to experience the energy and excitement firsthand. From the moment I stepped into the venue, I was overwhelmed by the sheer variety of collectibles on display. From toys and figures, card collectibles, and cute stuff, to art and exclusive merchandise, there was something to satisfy every interest.
Collectors Fest Manila wasn't just about browsing and buying; it was also a platform for connecting with fellow enthusiasts. The atmosphere was electric with shared passions and the joy of discovering rare finds. I had the opportunity to network with other collectors, share stories about our hobbies, and even make some new friends who share my interests. It was nice to see designer friends, catch up with them, and know of their upcoming projects.

The event organizers, Collective Base in partnership with Ozine Events, did a fantastic job of curating the experience. The layout of the venue was spacious and well-organized, making it easy to navigate the different sections. There were also scheduled workshops, talks, and even live auctions, adding an extra layer of entertainment and engagement for attendees.
Overall, my experience at the first Collectors Fest Manila was nothing short of phenomenal. It was a celebration of hobbies, fandoms, and the joy of collecting. I left the event feeling inspired, my collection enriched with some amazing finds, and with a newfound sense of belonging within the collector community.

Sharing with you my humble hoard below.
If you're a collector of any kind, I highly recommend attending the next Collectors Fest Manila. It's an event you won't want to miss!

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