TWU x SIHOO Launches Flagship Showroom in Pasay

Experience the future of ergonomics at the TWU x Sihoo flagship showroom in Ayala Malls Manila Bay! This collaboration offers a premium selection of ergonomic furniture designed to seamlessly blend comfort, improved efficiency, and modern aesthetics into your workspace.
A Vision for Holistic Wellness
TWU Furniture Corporation, founded by Rose Sunga and Aldrich Tang, was born from a simple dream: to offer furniture that goes beyond aesthetics and prioritizes user well-being.
"We envisioned a company that offers not just products, but solutions that improve people's lives," says Rose Sunga. "It's about giving back something that would make their lives comfortable."
With the increasing shift towards remote work and sedentary lifestyles, the need for ergonomic furniture has become more critical than ever. TWU recognized this gap in the market and partnered with Sihoo, a company renowned for its advanced intelligent engineering principles applied to furniture design. Together, TWU x Sihoo aims to address this need by providing a curated selection of ergonomic furniture solutions that promote proper posture, reduce discomfort, and ultimately enhance productivity and overall well-being.
Experience Innovation in Comfort
The grand opening of the TWU x Sihoo flagship showroom in Ayala Malls Manila Bay marks a significant milestone in the ergonomic furniture landscape. The showroom boasts a captivating atmosphere that allows visitors to experience the TWU x Sihoo difference firsthand.
Explore their comprehensive line of ergonomic chairs and standing desks designed to cater to various needs and preferences. Whether you're a dedicated gamer seeking the perfect setup to conquer virtual worlds, a professional seeking to optimize your home office for maximum comfort and focus, or a corporate leader looking to equip your team with ergonomic furniture solutions that prioritize employee health, TWU x Sihoo has something for you.
Unwavering Commitment to Quality
TWU x Sihoo takes pride in offering not just stylish furniture, but ergonomic solutions built with the highest quality standards in mind. Their furniture surpasses Business + Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association standards and boasts additional certifications like ISO quality management system certification, CQC attestation, and SGS international certification inspection standards.
Invest in Your Well-being at the TWU x Sihoo Flagship Showroom
Elevate your workspace and prioritize your long-term health with TWU x Sihoo's innovative ergonomic furniture solutions. Visit their showroom located at the 4th Floor of Ayala Malls Manila Bay, IT Zone, and experience the future of comfort, style, and function in furniture design.

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