Humans and Apes Collide Anew in Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, in Cinemas Next Week

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes is set to hit Philippine theaters next week, bringing with it a whole new world and a cast of unforgettable characters. As the latest chapter in the legendary Planet of the Apes saga, the 2024 installment promises to take audiences on a journey through the evolving dynamics between humans and apes.

The movie now follows a new protagonist, a new ape leader, and a new world where the tables have turned. Set several generations after Caesar’s reign, the new film welcomes the viewers to a kingdom where apes rule and humans are cast in the shadows.

What will the discovery of a peculiar human who is an echo of the past mean to the kingdom that the apes have made? Will it be a threat to their reign or an enlightenment that will grant humans their place in the new kingdom?

Meet the characters of the all-new Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.

New kingdom, new adversary
The story unfolds from the perspective of Noa, a young ape who doesn’t know anything about the outside world, a world in which Caesar has become a legend. Sheltered and naïve, Noa will have to grapple with what he has known his entire life and the revelations that will come with Mae, a peculiar human with the ability to speak and may hold the key to the past.

Which path will Noa choose? His protected and safe life or the one that asks him to question everything?

Noa’s adversary is an ape leader utilizing fear and intimidation who is twisting Caesar’s teachings for his own benefit. Proximus Caesar craves knowledge on technology, communication, and history that only humans used to possess -- all to advance and ensure apes’ sustained supremacy.
Will Proximus’ thirst for knowledge and by-any-means-necessary leadership be his end? Will there be a glimmer of hope that he will eventually change his views of humans and let them live together harmoniously?

A carrier of past memories and essentially a historian of past commemorations, Raka lives in a disintegrating airport where he teaches about tolerance and peace with humans. Centuries after Caesar’s death, he is the only one who remembers Caesar’s actual teachings of strength, morality, unity, and decency.
How will Raka’s knowledge of the past shape Noa’s and other fellow apes’ future? And will his teachings of peace and tolerance still stand once war breaks out?

Mirror of the past, key to the future?
Nova, later discovered to have the name Mae, is Noa’s counterpart who represents the previous world that has died. Spirited and deemed more intelligent than most humans, Mae will find herself in the company of apes and will challenge their long-standing views and ideals about humans.
Is Mae the key to uncovering the truths about the past? How will Proximus Caesar, threatened by human intelligence, handle a human who stands to rival his ideals?

Enter the kingdom and watch the action-adventure spectacle unfold in Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, in cinemas nationwide next week. Book your tickets now to experience the adventure best in IMAX®, 4DX, and 2D cinema screens everywhere.

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