HONOR Magic6 Pro's AI Features Take the Brand to No. 1 in China

HONOR's AI-powered HONOR Magic6 Pro smartphone drives brand to become No. 1 in China. Learn more about the innovative features and upcoming arrival in the Philippines! #MagicAICameraPhone #HONORMagic6Pro
HONOR, a leading global provider of smart devices, has achieved a remarkable feat by clinching the top spot among smartphone brands in China according to a recent study by the International Data Corporation (IDC). This achievement can be attributed in part to the innovative AI features integrated into the HONOR Magic6 Pro, which is set to arrive in the Philippines on May 8th.

HONOR Captures Top Spot in China with 123.3% YoY Growth
HONOR secured a commanding 17% market share in China, representing a staggering 123.3% year-over-year (YoY) growth in smartphone shipments for Q1 2024.

"We are honored to be recognized as the No. 1 smartphone brand in China," said Stephen Cheng, Vice President of HONOR Philippines. "This achievement is a testament to HONOR's dedication to bringing cutting-edge technology and innovation to our customers. We are committed to replicating this success in the Philippines and achieving significant milestones in this dynamic market."

Global Expansion and Unwavering R&D Investment
HONOR's impressive growth extends beyond China. The brand's overseas market has experienced a phenomenal 200% growth rate over the past year. As of Q1 2024, HONOR has established a presence in over 100 markets and secured a Top 5 position in regions like Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Malaysia.

This global success is fueled by HONOR's unwavering commitment to research and development (R&D). The company consistently dedicates over 10% of its annual revenue to R&D, with a particular focus on AI exploration, where investments have surpassed 10 billion CNY.

HONOR's dedication to innovation is further reflected in its world-class R&D capabilities. The company boasts a team of over 8,000 R&D professionals spread across 7 R&D centers and over 100 innovative laboratories. This dedication translates into a remarkable pace of innovation, with HONOR submitting over 300 new patent applications each month.
Streamlined Production and Cutting-Edge Technology
HONOR's commitment to efficiency is evident in its impressive 85% automation rate across its intelligent production lines. This level of automation allows for the creation of a new smartphone every 28.5 seconds, showcasing the brand's focus on cutting-edge technology and streamlined production processes.

HONOR Magic6 Pro: Pioneering Battery Technology and Unmatched Durability
The HONOR Magic6 Pro exemplifies HONOR's dedication to innovation. The device features the revolutionary Second-generation Silicon-carbon Battery, a technology inspired by advancements in the automotive industry, particularly companies like Tesla. This groundbreaking battery offers exceptional battery life and consistent performance.

Furthermore, the HONOR Magic6 Pro boasts the Nano Crystal Shield, a testament to the brand's commitment to superior build quality. This innovative material offers a 50% improvement in crystal density, resulting in shock absorption capabilities ten times greater than previous models.
AI Falcon Camera System: Redefining Smartphone Photography
In response to the growing demand for high-quality "sportography" and the increasing importance of AI, HONOR has taken a proactive approach to camera innovation. The HONOR Magic6 Pro features the groundbreaking AI Falcon Camera System, designed to capture stunning images with exceptional clarity and speed.

HONOR's dedication to image quality is further emphasized by the All-scenarios Automated Comprehensive Photographic Testing System implemented in their Image Lab located in Shenzhen. This system ensures that the HONOR Image Engine is optimized for a wide range of shooting conditions, guaranteeing unparalleled performance for users.

Availability and Call to Action
The HONOR Magic6 Pro, packed with innovative AI features and groundbreaking technology, is set to arrive in the Philippines on May 8th. Stay tuned for further announcements and information on how to get your hands on this revolutionary smartphone.

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